Alfa Laval is a Swedish technology company that provides industrial equipment for the energy, chemical, metal, food, and beverage industries. It has a strong US presence and had over $3.3 billion in revenue in 2009.

According to the official website of Alfa Laval they are working in Iran. Alfa Laval website lists a head office in Tehran, Iran. Alfa Laval sells its products in Iran through an Iranian website, in addition to maintaing an office in Tehran (Iranian Website). Through this site, Alfa Laval makes available many products that have a known application in the nuclear energy industry. For example, Alfa Laval advertises the benefits of installing its plate heat exchangers in nuclear power plants. The company discloses in its annual report that it has paid at least $632,911 in salary to employees in Iran since 2007.

Despite U.S. sanctions on Iran, Alfa Laval from Sweden continues to work in Iran according to their official website. Iran regime is responsible for funding terrorist organizations, sponsoring terrorist attacks around the world, killing American soldiers and building weapons of mass destruction;

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