War and crisis will continue in Syria unless IRGC is expelled

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the brutal bombardment and the merciless killing of defenseless people of East Ghouta and imposing a criminal siege on this area. While saluting the persistent people of Syria, it offers its sincerest condolences and sympathies to the bereaved families, and wishes a quick recovery for the wounded.

The bombing and siege of East Ghouta is undoubtedly a war crime, and its perpetrators must be brought to justice. A large number of citizens were killed during recent days’ bombings, a number of them women and children.

The crime against humanity in East Ghouta, as well as in other parts of Syria, are fully committed with the active participation and support of the mullahs’ regime and the Revolutionary Guards and its militias. Eviction of this regime and the expulsion of IRGC and its mercenaries from Syria is indispensable to end war and crisis, and to establish peace and tranquility in this country and in the Middle East.

Silence and inaction of the international community regarding these crimes encourages the killers of the Syrian people, especially the mullahs’ regime and the IRGC, to continue and intensify these crimes.

Half of the 400,000 population of East Ghouta, where has been under siege for 5 years, are children. The Syrian dictator prevents the departure of the wounded and hundreds of people with serious illnesses who require immediate withdrawal from the area.

Source » ncr-iran

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