A document classified as “highly confidential”, recently leaked from” Islamic Republic Guards Corps” (IRGC), reveals the extreme anxiety of Tehran’s Ayatollahs of imminent people’s uprising and social unrest. IRGC is Iran’s largest suppressive security and economic entity, loyal to the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.

A short review of Iran’s affairs would give us a notion that Iran is a different society comparing with many other parts of the world. Iranian government has lost its support among the people keeping only a very narrow part of the nation who, of course, benefit from the regime’s maintenance.

In their four-decade rein on Iran, Mullahs have ransacked the wealth of the country. Iran’s industry, agriculture, welfare, education system and medical services are just some of Iran’s infrastructure ruined by Ayatollahs dictatorship. Economy is almost bankrupt; Rial, Iran’s currency has lost its value more than 1000 time. Unemployment is high and rate of inflation has exceeded sixty percent.

A government that once used Islam to grab power is now perhaps the most corrupted government on earth. Bribery, as an example, is a routine procedure in different ranks of the state. The narrow %4 of the population who support the Ayatollahs are their families, brokers, military and security commanders, … , who enjoy an aristocratic lives, some in their luxury villas in best parts of Europe, US or Canada. Simultaneously the majority of Iranian people suffer from high prices, poverty and the lack of essential goods, above all from the corona virus and inaction of the government against it. Not a single day passes without multiple protests. Citizens, teachers, pensioners, nurses, judiciary workers, and others take to the streets. They have lost either their job or shares or other properties due to government’s destructive policies. Often, protesters chant slogans against Raisi, calling him “a liar.”

The highly confidential document leaked from Iran, includes notes taken in a task force meeting chaired by Brigadier General Hossein Nejat, deputy head of Sarallah security force, which is responsible for the security of the capital and another senior IRGC commander. The seven-page document was leaked by the group Edalat-e Ali (Ali’s Justice), which, just a few weeks ago, unveiled secret documents and videos about the abuse of inmates in an Iranian prison.

The meeting of the Working Group, was attended by representatives from the IRGC, Basij militia, the intelligence entities, and the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office. The quotes from the meeting unfolds an intelligence official of the IRGC talking of the anger among the whole population, saying, “Society is in a state of explosion,” and that “social discontent has risen by 300 percent in the past year.”

The document also quotes an official from Iran’s domestic security and law enforcement agency that “protests held in Iran over the past Iranian year have increased by almost 50 percent and the number of protesters involved has nearly doubled”.

Situation in Iran, leaked or not, along with the protests, is a trend that is not going to stop in a country in a “state of explosion”

Source » iranprobe