Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah recently made a secret visit to Tehran, Israel’s Channel 12 reported Wednesday.

Nasrallah, who for years has been hunkered in a bunker in Beirut’s southern suburb of Dahiya, a known stronghold of the Iranian-backed Shiite terrorist group, rarely makes public appearances fearing assassination. Trips overseas are even rarer.

According to the report, the visit took place two months ago and included meetings with senior officials with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and centered on a potential Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Nir Dvori, a senior IDF correspondent for Channel 12, said that in all likelihood, the Iranians seek to assure – and perhaps plan – a Hezbollah retaliation against Israel if such a strike takes place.

The question of whether Nasrallah, who just marked 30 years at Hezbollah’s helm, is truly wary of another war with Israel is the subject of many speculations, as it is unclear whether he has the ability to back his belligerent rhetoric with actions.

According to foreign media reports, Israel has eliminated Hezbollah operatives in dozens of strikes on Iranian assets in Syria – where Tehran and its Lebanon-based proxy are shoring up the regime of President Bashar Assad.

Nasrallah has opted to contain these losses rather than retaliate, leading defense experts to believe that an equation of mutual deterrence exists to a certain extent.

Source » hamodia