The US administration should cut off Iranian regime’s fingertips in the region. They are a threat to stability and security in Syria, Iraq, and the entire region.

A report by Aljazeera TV on February 15:

The Iranian regime could expand its political and military influence in Iraq during the Presidency of Barack Obama. They launched a new form of Revolutionary Guards called ‘al-Hashd al-Shaabi’ and also passed a law to give it a legal form.

How could you ask a pro Iranian regime government in Iraq to harness an armed group which has been created by this same regime?

In Syria, the Iranian regime deployed Iraqi militias called ‘Abolfazl al-Abbas’ to fight next to Hezbollah. They try to disrupt resolving Syrian crisis and throw obstacles in the way of setting up safe zones in the country.

Iranian regime has other tools that can still threaten the security of Arab countries in the region.

Donald Trump advisors are expecting him to isolate the Iranian regime, but this won’t happen unless the United States cuts off the regime’s fingertips in the region.

Experts believe that in this confrontation, Trump won’t need to go too far.

Harlan Ulman, former US Assistant Secretary of Defense, believes that “the threat coming from Iranian regime’s militias is not too serious. We know that the Iranian regime lacks military facilities and its allies don’t have invasion facilities, either. Due to Iranian regime’s missile program, there’s currently a tension between the United States and the0 regime. They are whistling in the dark. But such actions will have no effect on the United States or on the region. The United States won’t pay attention to such remarks.

The United States and its navy know pretty well that US ships and forces may be attacked by US enemies. The United States is quite alert in this regard. They’re constantly on alert to confront any kind of attack to US ships. The threat by the Iranian regime or its militias will have no effect on the balance of power, either.”

Source: / ncr-iran /