The Iranian regime launched several missiles at the American military base in Iraq on January 8 in retaliation for the assassination of Quds Force commander and terrorist Qassem Soleimani in a US drone strike on January 3.

Hours later, the regime shot down a Ukrainian airliner just after it left Tehran airport and killed all 176 civilians on board after supposedly mistaking it for an incoming missile.

Forty days later, a traditional day of mourning in Iran, the regime has warned families against holding ceremonies for their loved ones, hinting that they will be subjected to arrest.

At the same time, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said Iran wouldn’t hand the black box from the flight over to any foreign country, despite the fact that the regime cannot decipher it themselves.

This sets off clear alarm bells about the regime’s intention to hide their role in this tragedy, which has turned into a domestic and foreign crisis for the regime. Those being cited by flight control experts as responsible for the attack and the cover-up are Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and senior IRGC commanders, including IRGC chief Hossein Salami and missile units chief Ali Hajizadeh.

The experts said that, following standard procedures, the IRGC should have informed all of Iran’s airport control towers before the missile launches, so that passenger flights could be grounded. This did not happen on January 8.

The experts also said that the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), which is chaired by President Hassan Rouhani, was fully informed about the attack. This makes Rouhani, the SNSC, and all of its members, including Zarif, complicit in the regime’s downing of the PS752 passenger flight.

The decisions made by those at the top could have prevented the plane crash, especially when the flight was scheduled and traveling along a normal route, which the IRGC would have been informed about. The IRGC claimed their missile defense system mistook the plane for a missile, but this is clearly a lie. After all, what missile gains altitude over your country, unless you fired it?

The regime already lied about the cause of the plane crash, until irrefutable evidence forced them to admit the truth, and have been destroying the crash site to conceal evidence. What else are they covering up by hiding the black box?

Something that the Iranian Resistance says played a huge role in the downing of the plane is that one of the Iranian regime’s largest ballistic missile sites is close to the Khomeini International Airport.

The Resistance wrote: “The fact that these sites are located so close to the Khomeini Int’l Airport portrays the important role played by this IRGC missile complex in the downing of the Ukrainian airliner. The base of the 99th Air Defense Group associated with the regime’s classic army ground forces is located south of this site.”

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