Etemad, an Iran regime’s state-run newspaper, recently released an infographic shedding light on the forthcoming parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections in Iran. According to their analysis, only 9 out of the country’s 31 provinces witness competitive elections, while the remainder are deemed non-competitive—a stark indicator of the regime’s grip on power.

Facing this challenge, the regime has resorted to desperate measures in an attempt to salvage its credibility. Among these tactics, as reported by state-run media, is the distribution of chocolates to incentivize participation in what many view as a farcical electoral process.

Images of these chocolate and candy packages, distributed by Basij forces of Bank Maskan to bolster voter turnout, were disseminated by the state-run website Didban. The accompanying message emphasized the efforts to sweeten the prospect of voting.

Additionally, retired IRGC brigadier generals have rallied the regime’s supporters, urging them to not only cast their own votes but also to escort others to the polling stations. This plea even extends to physically carrying individuals if necessary, with each participant committing to bringing at least one additional person to vote—a testament to the lengths the regime will go to maintain its facade of legitimacy.

Source » irannewsupdate