Iran has provided Russia with about 100 million bullets, 300,000 artillery shells and ammunition for rocket launchers, grenades and mortars and is planning to send more ammunition, Sky News reported on Wednesday, citing a security source.

The source said that two Russian cargo ships left a port in Iran in January, transporting the ammunition to Russia via the Caspian Sea and that Russia had paid for the material in cash.

Sky News speculated that Russia is using the ammunition to replenish supplies expended during its invasion of Ukraine.

The report noted that it was impossible to independently verify the quantity of ammunition that was actually included in the shipments and that one expert said the amount sounded high.

The Jerusalem Post reported last week that Iran requested S-400 air defense batteries from Russia.

Iranian military aid to Russia

According to the report, Ukraine said that Russia had received 2400 drones from Iran.

The White House said in February that the US had information that Iran had sent artillery and tank rounds to Russia and that Russia was considering sending fighter jets in return.

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