Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri on Monday highlighted efforts by the IRGC Navy to ensure the security of Iranian commercial vessels in the high seas, saying naval forces are stationed on 38 vessels.

The commander said IRGC vessels currently sail at a speed of 90 knots, equivalent to 170 km per hour, adding that the figure will reach 120 knots or 200 km per hour in near future.

He said, in order for the IRGC Navy to become an operational force, it needs equipment that can make it reach any point the fastest possible.

“We have two more Shahid Soleimani-class vessels under construction; one is the Shahid Hassan Bagheri vessel and the other is the Shahid Sayad Shirazi vessel, one of which was built by the Ministry of Defense and the other by the IRGC Navy,” he added.

Source » ifpnews