The Iranian government should pay $202 million to the family of an Iraqi contractor working with the U.S. who was tortured and murdered in 2006 by a Tehran-backed group, a federal magistrate in New York recommended.

The victim’s widow and sons, now living in Idaho, are entitled to compensation because of the pain and suffering they endured after the contractor was tortured for five days and killed in Baghdad, U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Harvey said in a report on Monday in Manhattan.

Identified in the suit as “S.F.,” the victim owned a general contracting company that was working on U.S. contracts valued at $80 million at the time of his death, the report said.

Family members, none of whom are identified by name in the complaint, sued Iran over the killing in 2018. U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly ruled in December that Iran was liable for the death of S.F., and she’ll weigh the magistrate judge’s recommendation in setting damages.

Source » bloomberg