The Iranian state-run media is acknowledging how mismanagement by the mullahs has resulted in an economic crisis that has caused great hardship for the people in terms of rising prices and inflation

The Young Journalist Club (YJC) wrote Sunday: “There have been over a month since we face poultry scarcity around the country, and there are difficulties in distributing it. Each kilogram of poultry should be sold at 20,400 tomans. Unfortunately, a limited number of poultry is distributed among people standing in long lines to purchase [poultry at a government-set price].”

This story was also picked up by the Tasnim news agency, which explained that one kilo of poultry now goes for 40,000 tomans in most shops and stated that officials would know that if only they went to the market themselves. Tasnim further stated that, despite promises to distribute 2,000 tons of chicken per day, only 90 tons have arrived in Tehran.

The new Iranian year began on Sunday, with 80% of the country in poverty and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei saying that this year would bring the “elimination of obstacles”.

The state-run Tejarat daily wrote Thursday: “As we enter [the Persian year 1400], not only is there no point of hope, but the expected inflation torments us. In all these years, people have always struggled with difficulties, and the [system] has only praised them for resisting. Officials now face this question, that when would people have their share of peace and comfort? How long do people have to walk through hundreds of shops to buy oil? Really, how long do people have to stand in long queues for hours so that maybe it will be their turn to get poultry, not at a reasonable price, but at a price several times higher than the price they bought a month ago? How long is the people’s share of [the so-called] resistance supposed to be skyrocketing prices and empty tables? How long should salaries be below the poverty line?”

So why is Iran in an economic crisis? Well, the Iranian Resistance dismisses the idea that sanctions are the sole cause, highlighting that Iran’s policy of banknote printing has increased point-to-point inflation, citing Iran’s Central Bank chief Abdolnasser Hemmati as saying that the previous two years’ budgets were dependent on this and MP Alireza Salimi as saying that this devalues the currency and reduces people’s purchasing power.

Salimi said of the Iranian government: “Once they blame the previous government, once people, once Donald Trump, and now they say they would reveal the problems later. Each time they are looking for someone to blame.”

Source » iranfocus