Mostazafan foundation is supervised by the Supreme Leader who appoints its directors

At the end of July, when the Supreme Leader, after the end of the term of responsibility of the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Foundation, identified the new head and appointed Mohammad Saeedi Kia for a term of five years, he was appointed chairman of the foundation. This is an excuse to look at the structure and position of the underprivileged foundation and to look at the position and function of this foundation.

Date and mode of formation

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution on February 22, 1977, the Pahlavi dynasty was sentenced by the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal to take back property and seize confiscated property. In the meantime, recovered confiscated assets should be managed, and if they were paid, they would be available to all, especially the poor. Therefore, there was a need for an institution to record assets and then to provide them with the people. Therefore, Imam Khomeini (RA) ordered the Islamic Revolutionary Council in order to confiscate all the immovable property of the Pahlavi dynasty and their agents in favor of the oppressed and deprived of the community. This ruling served as the basis for the foundation of the Islamic Revolutionary Mustafa Foundation, in order to address this issue. On the 9th of March, 1975, the Mostazafan and Veteran Foundation was established following the issuance of Imam Khomeini’s decree addressed to the Revolutionary Council.

Under the command of Imam (PBUH), the Revolutionary Council was instructed to confiscate all the movable and immovable property of the Pahlavi dynasty and its main directors who have embezzled from Beit Elmalom in favor of poor and poor workers.

In this message to the Revolutionary Council, Imam Ali said: “According to this letter, it is a mission that will provide all the movable and immovable property of the Pahlavi dynasty and the branches and functions related to this dynasty, which during the period of illegal domination of the Muslims’ They have been embezzled to confiscate the poor, the poor, and the poor, and their money in the banks with a number called the Revolutionary Council or their names, and immovable, such as real estate and land, to be registered in order to benefit the poor from every class, In creating housing and working, and not all, I order all Islamic Revolutionary Committees throughout the country to No matter what kind of trophies they got in the bank with a certain number and inform the government that these trophies are not related to the government, and their emirs are with the Revolutionary Council, and what the government agents have or should receive should be given to the bank by the same number and Those who obtained something from this property should be immediately handed over to the committees or the bank and the offenders will be prosecuted. ”

The Revolutionary Council also stated on March 21, 1975: “Following the issuance of the Supreme Leader of Imam Khomeini’s decree on the confiscation of movable and immovable property of the Pahlavi dynasty and the directors of the former regime, and solely in the welfare of the oppressed and deprived, the Islamic Revolutionary Council An institution called the Mostazafan Foundation. The task of this foundation is to identify and seize these assets, including real estate and bank deposits, cash, etc., and create residential units for the deprived. ”

Foundation structure

The first statute of the Foundation, consisting of 25 articles, was approved by the General Assembly of the Founders at the 7th of July 1978 and approved by the Revolutionary Council.

Ayatollah Khamenei, Shahid Beheshti, Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mousavi Ardebili, Ahmad Jalali, Ali Asghar Masoudi and Engineer Sahabi were members of the Founding Board of the Mostazafan Foundation. According to the approval of the same delegation, Aliin Khaki was appointed the first chairman of the Mostazafan Foundation.

The sensitivity of the missions and the need for closer monitoring of this massive collection and more coordination with the government’s plans led to the appointment of Prime Minister Imam as the representative of the Foundation for the foundation of the foundation on September 26,

Imam Khomeini, in his letter to Prime Minister Mohammad Ali Rajaei, commented: “Since the foundation of the mostafeen is a concern of this side and its issues are complicated, it is necessary for the supreme leader to take over the affairs of the foundation and, under the supervision of the devout religious people, Manage the benefits of the underprivileged. You can obtain the necessary information from the board that I have appointed. May God Almighty excel in serving Muslims and especially Muslims. ”

With the testimony of the martyr Rajai, the imam (Quds-e-Sara) appointed the next prime minister for the responsibility of the foundation. Imam Khomeini had ordered the best facilities for the devotees of the revolution. On December 3, 1988, with the issuance of a decree by Imam Khomeini (RA) addressed to the prime minister, the name of the Mostazafan Foundation was changed to the Mostazafan Foundation and the Revolutionary Victims. In September, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Mohsin Rafiqdoust, was appointed head of the foundation.

The Foundation Statute has changed several times. Based on the latest Statute, which was drafted on 19 July 2000 in the form of 19 articles, the institution is founded on the Islamic Revolution, a nonprofit, with legal personality and financial, administrative and employment independence under the high supervision of the leadership and in accordance with the provisions of this article. Statutes and internal regulations are governed.

In order to aggregate the mission to provide the honorable family of martyrs, veterans, and azadeh heads, a decree was addressed to the President of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on 11/8/2002. Following the announcement of the Supreme Leader’s decree on the separation of the activities of the devotees from the Mostazafan Foundation and the veterans of the Islamic Revolution and its attachment to the Martyrs and Affaires Foundation, the title of the Foundation, was renamed the Islamic Revolutionary Foundation of the Islamic Republic. In implementing the decree, with the approval of the Supreme Administrative Council of the country, the Department of Veterans Affairs was separated from the Mostazafan and Revolutionary Victims Foundation and transferred to the Martyr Martyrs’ and Veterans Affairs Foundation.

The foundations of the Foundation are: the Board of Trustees, the Head of the Foundation, the Auditor and the Inspector (Supervisory Board)

Functions and Foundation activities

In the Iraqi imposed war against Iran, part of the Mostazafan Foundation’s ability to help the war veterans and displaced veterans and freemen was spent. Also, in March 1365 by Imam Khomeini (RA), the foundation was obliged to participate in the cultural affairs of the families of martyrs and children in addition to addressing the deprived and deprived. Following the change of the name of the foundation to the Veterans’ Foundation in 1367, all the ability of the foundation was used to serve the veterans of the Islamic Revolution.

The Foundation’s contribution to the country’s economic, social and cultural activities is significant. The diversity, quality, scope and volume of the Foundation’s activities have made it possible to expand the business relations and presence effectively at foreign exhibitions and investments and joint activities with the government and Iranian and foreign enterprises exporting products. Manufacturing and technical services. In addition, the responsibility of helping the deprived persons within the framework of the budget approved by the Foundation is in the form of development projects in deprived areas, under the authority of the Islamic Revolutionary Authority.

In order to achieve one of the main goals of the Foundation, which seeks to reduce deprivation and poverty from the Islamic community, an important part of the activities of this institution in the 1380s is dedicated to this work. Implementation of infrastructure projects is another part of the foundation’s activities in the field of depopulation. One of the most important part of these projects is the construction of colleges and student dormitories in deprived areas.

The Islamic Revolutionary Foundation has a total of about 150 affiliated companies and affiliates, most notably Beharan Oil Company, Tehran Cement Company, Sina Bank, Zamzam Co., Institute for Contemporary History Studies of Iran and ….

Now the contribution of the Foundation is significant in the country’s economic, social and cultural activities. The variety, quality, breadth and volume of the products and activities of the Foundation have made it possible to develop business relationships, exchange experiences, effective presence at exhibitions abroad and investments and joint activities with the government and institute. Iranian and foreign companies and export of manufactured products and technical services.

The foundation has two sections of the economy, the disadvantaged and the disadvantaged, whose duties are as follows:

(A) General tasks in the field of economic activity:

– Calendar and maintenance of property and, if necessary, turn them into productive assets.

– Preserving objects, historical documents and exploiting them for the cultural development of the country.

– Optimal management of economic units, their integration, and their transformation and development with the aim of attending domestic and international scenes.

– Development of economic power of the foundation as well as production and service activities in order to increase national production, monetization, development of competitive environment and assistance in implementing the goals and policies of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

(B) The general duties of the disadvantaged:

– To carry out relief activities in order to reduce the deprivation of the disadvantaged in the framework of the communique of the Supreme Leader.

Foundation directors since founding

The head of the Mostazafan Foundation is appointed every five years by the Supreme Leader. The silencing of the darkness from 14 March 1357 to 26 September 1359, Mohammad Ali Rajaee from September 26, 1359 to December 13, 1981, Mir Hossein Mousavi from December 13, 1981 to September 15, 1989, Mohsen Rafiq Doost from September 15, 1989 to July 13, 1999, Mohammad Foruzandeh from July 31 July 13, 2014 and July 31, 2014, and Mohammad Saeedi Kia have been the founders of the Foundation since July 31, 2014.

Mohammad Saeedi Kia is the last president of the Mostazafan Foundation, appointed about a month ago by the Supreme Leader. He who holds a postgraduate diploma from the University of Amir Kabir University, has been the Minister of Transportation of the Second Government, the Holy Defense and the first government of construction. He was also the Minister for Construction Jihad in the first government reform. Saeedi Kiya was also the Minister of Housing and Urban Development in the ninth government. He also enrolled in the 92nd presidential election, which, of course, was taken by the Guardian Council as lacking in qualifications. In October of last year, the Turks, a consultant to the president and secretary of the Coordinating Council for the Free and Special Economic Zones of the Government of Hassan Rouhani, appointed Saidikia as deputy and deputy head of the Coordination of Free and Special Economic Affairs.

Hojatoleslam Mohammadi Golpayegani, head of the office of the Supreme Leader, at the ceremony of introducing the head of the Mostazafan foundation, said in a statement to the new head of the foundation on the recommendations of the revolutionary leader: On the day that Mr. Saeedi Kia came to serve the gentleman, he said. At one time, the foundation did not have 1.5 billion tomans, and the government should provide 2.5 billion USD. I delegated the responsibility to a friend of mine, and during his activity he raised the income of the foundation to 60-70 billion USD.

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