– “They brought us into Syria to fight for the Iranian project.”
– “The people of Hezbollah are hungry and they are slaves to Khomeini and Khamenei.”
– “I regret that one day I said to you, Nasrallah.”

Who am I fighting for? For a despicable Iranian Persian project? Why do I fight the Arabs and kill the people of Syria?” These are questions raised by the dissident from Hezbollah, Ali Taha, in his exclusive interview with “ Akhbar Al-Aan. ” “, in which he revealed many of the party’s secrets and the battles it fought alongside the Syrian regime… So what did he say about the battlefield there? Any crime he saw with his own eyes prompted him to leave his post and leave Syria immediately, and thus the party.

In mid-March 2011, the first sparks of the Syrian revolution began in line with the wave of the Arab Spring, but the scene soon turned into a bloody scenario that lasted for more than 10 years. As a result, Bashar al-Assad remained at the helm of power, with Russian support first. Millions of dead, wounded, homeless, and refugees, massive destruction at an imaginary cost of reconstruction. And in the midst of all this, many people have the blood of the Syrians on their hands, including Iran’s arm in the region, Hassan Nasrallah’s party.

“They brought us into Syria to fight for the Iranian project.”

Despite everything that happened, it can be said that what we witnessed during the course of that war is much less than what reached us, especially since the Syrian arena attracted all kinds of terrorist organizations of different nationalities, as well as from other countries.

Here, Taha says: “Why should I go to Syria, what is my relationship to what is happening there? If we want to protect ourselves, we can deploy army personnel along the Lebanese borders to prevent the infiltration of any group into our lands. Why did you bring us into Syria so that we could fight for the Iranian project?”

Ali Taha hails from the Baalbek region in eastern Lebanon, an area that is mostly in line with the orientations of the Iranian trend, and is generally under the control of the Hezbollah-Amal Movement alliance, and at the same time it is an area that lacks any development. In that context, Taha points out that “ there is no good university or school in that region, so what kind of resistance is that they claim?”

When he was about nine years old, Taha, like the rest of his generation, joined the party’s scouts, and they were participating in periodic camps in which brainwashing took place gradually, during which the ranks were also promoted until reaching the rank of fighter, and here Taha’s story began.

He says: “ This belief was entrenched in our minds, we were young, but with time a person will be able to understand what is going on around him. A person who does not know the details of matters will continue to follow their ideas. Suddenly in the year 2012, we found something called terrorism that entered Syria, and senior party officials started summoning us to enter Syria, otherwise terrorism will enter Lebanon… They are able to spread these hateful ideas in the minds of young people, so we joined them while we were trained. When we entered Syria, we began to fight, but I found that everyone was saying Allahu Akbar, Arabs for Arabs… This is no longer a war, but rather an Iranian project that is being implemented on our backs. They call it the Shiite crescent that extends from Iran to Syria to Yemen to Bahrain to Iraq”…

With the beginning of 2013, the strength of the armed opposition in Syria escalated, and at that time Hezbollah began declaring its clear position towards Syria, after Nasrallah’s speech in which he said, under the guidance of Khamenei, that the regime in Syria will not fall. Of course, the party’s battles in Syria were fueled by the youth.

Many returned to their families as corpses, many defected and decided to return to themselves and their families. Most of them, if not most of them, decided to stay and remain silent about the crimes and atrocities they committed, but the Lebanese Ali Taha, despite his anger and disappointment, decided to go against the tide.

Posted by Ali Taha: “We are gradually spreading ideas in our minds until we reach the stage of jihad, and there was material income in hard currency and until today they still receive dollars .. Hezbollah is self-sufficient, and it does not need the Lebanese state at all. They used to tell us that these groups are a criminal enemy, a murderer, a serial killer, and we will enter paradise, while they are infidels… something like that. We were born in a region where options are limited, and they prevent us from living a normal life like other human beings. With time, we see that there are errors that occur, but that line did not make any corrections.

The station that Ali Taha stopped in Syria was apparently very pivotal for him, as it made him open his eyes to see the dark truth, and to discover the falsity of loose and empty slogans. What he found in Syria, while storming places, was like a slap in the face to wake him up.
“In Syria, I found that we are fighting a people who were made in Ghayran and called ISIS.”

Taha says: “I went to Syria for a short time, and found out that we were fighting a people made in Iran called ISIS. We went and found children and families there, how will we fight them then? When the battle was taking place, you were forced to fight and defend yourself… But I backed away and said why I want to fight an Arab people. Crime has taken place in Syria.. Innocent children, women and people unrelated to the war have been killed. There were Syrian regime planes bombing homes, children, and women, targeting everything in front of them, and when we entered the place to comb it, we found children, women, the elderly, and the innocent. Bashar al-Assad was killing people.”

He continues: “In Syria, the regular army was with us, and we were on one side, but Hezbollah was managing the whole operation, as the Syrian army did not have any field tactics. They were asking that anyone who resists you, you must kill him immediately.. And logic says that if I enter his land, it is natural for him to resist me.. We found ourselves facing a long war and got into the fray, and later I found that there are young men withdrawing from the war on the side of the party, and I am one of them.

What he saw in Syria, then, prompted him to leave his place of service there even before the end of his agreed period of stay, thus turning a page that he considered black in his life, and he destroyed every video recording or pictures he had that could remind him of that dark period in his history.

He draws: “I left Syria before the end of my period.. They called me later, and I told them that I no longer wanted to go to Syria. They said, in that case, we cannot pay you a financial allowance, so I told them I do not want… They started calling me to retract the decision, but I insisted. On my position, I told them I no longer want because you are no longer a resistance but rather a militia fighting for the Iranian project, and I am a Lebanese project. I rejected everything because of what I saw in Syria.”

“I regret that one day I said to you, Nasrallah.”

Taha used to ask himself: “Why should I fight in a country that is not my own? Who do I want to fight for? For the sake of a despicable Iranian-Persian project, why do I want to fight the Arabs and the people of Syria, then I decided to leave.” He continues: “I was injured in Syria in my feet and stomach, and I was in a coma for 20 days. When I left Syria and left the party, my father slaughtered Khawaref because he was overjoyed at the decision to defect. He did not want me to join the party, and he always said that they would bring my son with a coffin one day.

As time progressed, Ali Taha became more certain of the falsity of those slogans, even the slogan of confrontation with Israel, and that was what he talked about during the recent negotiations between Lebanon and Israel, to make sure that his decision to leave the party was correct.

It should be noted that Taha went to Syria in 2011 to fight, and with the beginning of 2013, when I saw what was happening and the extent of the crime being committed, he reviewed himself and decided to withdraw. And he says: “I regret that one day I told Beck Nasrallah, especially at this stage when Lebanon and the party conceded an area containing oil and gas to Israel … I regret a lot, because what happened in Karish is lies and hypocrisy, and for 40 years they have been telling us we want to liberate Jerusalem, for you They didn’t fire a single shot… Hezbollah is border guards for Israel, not resistance, and the matter has become a trade.”

ifmat - Hezbollah member They brought us into Syria to fight for the Iranian project

“The people of Hezbollah are hungry and they are slaves to Khomeini and Khamenei.”

Ali Taha asserts that he stayed in the ranks of the party for 15 years. As a result, he discovered that the party set limits for its members and its environment that prevented them from crossing them, and made that a taboo, so he gave everything he wanted to do the color of religion so that whoever contradicts his teachings becomes as if he violates the teachings of heaven. He describes that period as the worst period of his life.

Among the bad aspects of the party that he stopped at, Ali Taha says that party officials or leadership do not care about individuals, as the picture is very simple according to what he described. poor. Hence, Taha called on the members of the party and its environment to open their eyes more to see the truth, which, if they discovered it, would undoubtedly change a lot of their view of the path of the party and its leadership.

At the end of his speech, Ali Taha told “ Akhbar Al-Aan ”: “Every person in Hezbollah and the Syrian regime earned money, built palaces and acquired cars, and we are still working here on the ground… This is no longer an issue and resistance, but rather an entrepreneur. Hezbollah received many blows and became very tired because of the war in Syria and its departure from the national track.

In his message to the members of the party and its environment, he says: “The people of Hezbollah are hungry. Today you are not free, but rather slaves to Khomeini, Khamenei and the Iranian state.. Be free and return to your Lebanese and not to the Persians, because the Persian applies his project to your back, so what happened in Syria is the criminality of the Persian.” Iran is a cancerous gland that must be eradicated from the Arab countries.”

Ali Taha is one of the dissident members of Hezbollah, then, and because the story belongs to everyone, we gave Ali Taha a space to tell his story, so he narrated what he had as an eyewitness to the course of things, and we report it without addition or omission, but his first starting point for telling that story is that this experience may be a station For other stories, similar or different.

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