Iran has also purchased a Bladerunner speedboat and has equipped it with missile and torpedo launchers, IRGC Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi told reporters in the coastal city of Bandar Abbas.
Fadavi said Bladerunner is a British speedboat.
“What worries the Americans is that we have equipped it with military gear,” the commander noted.
He added a substantial number of these kinds of speedboats will join the IRGC Navy next year.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Fadavi warned that Iran would not tolerate any inspection of its ships heading to or leaving Iran.
He also warned Iran would severely hit back if it is attacked by any country.
“We will definitely be nowhere to be hit when if a war starts but will be everywhere to hit the enemy,” he stated.
On recent military threats against Iran by the U.S., he said these threats “are not new”.
The U.S. has admitted that the IRGC’s military strength is defying Washington’s military strategy in the region.
He also said according to a U.S. law to wage a war against a country Washington needs “four military requirements and nine political requirements” which presently none of them exist.
Fadavi also said the number of U.S. warships in the region has been decreased over the past two years due to the powerful presence of the IRGC navy in the Persian Gulf waters.
“The U.S. carriers in north of the Persian Gulf supported U.S. forces in Iraq in the past… now they have docked at Jebel Ali port (35 kilometers southwest of Dubai)… and will quickly leave the region.”
He also said, “Aircraft Carrier USS Truman is currently at Jebel Ali.”
The IRGC commander also said the presence of “extra-regional countries” threatens the security of the Persian Gulf region.
“Our enemy is not the Persian Gulf countries but they are extra-regional enemies,” he stated.
Iran’s enemies are the enemies of the Islamic countries in the region, he said. “Our message is for extra-regional enemies not regional countries because we can have positive interactions with the Persian Gulf littoral states.”
Fadavi also said Iran informs military attaches of the Persian Gulf littoral states on military maneuvers it holds in the region and that the war games are not only for protecting Iran’s security but for achieving a collective security

Source: / tehrantimes /