Yemen President, Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi in a speech on Monday, April 10th stated that the Houthi militants sold themselves to the Iran regime and have become a tool for the development policies of Iran in the region.

In his speech, Mansur Hadi stated:”the Houthis have simply become a tool for Iran in order to carry out Tehran’s plans and policies for controlling Yemen and casting dominance on the Arab States.”

This is not the first time that a senior government official talks of Iran’s aids to the Houthis. Yemen government and the Arab States have been constantly condemned Tehran of sending advanced weapons including missiles and ballistics to the Houthis. However, the Iran regime invariably denies any cooperation with Houthis while the US warships seized several shipments of weapons that were smuggled from Iran to Yemen. This incident actually proves the claims made by Yemen and its allies.

So far, the Navy of Arabic Coalition commanded by Saudi Arabia has seized several shipments of weapons from Iran to Houthis in coastal waters of Yemen.

Earlier, Reuters reported the news quoting unanimously from the sources affiliated with the Iran regime that Iran has prepared advanced weapons for Houthis. The Spokesman for the Arabic Coalition chaired by Saudi Arabia, Gen. Ahmed Asiri in numerous interviews stated that the coalition has accurate information about the Iran regime as well as various ways of smuggling weapons to Houthi militias.

The senior Yemeni military sources had earlier unveiled that 12 IRGC’s experts have been ordered to install marine mines in the coast of Red Sea in Hodeidah. Additionally, the sources confirmed that the experts of the Iran regime have entered Hodeidah Port illegally through sea lanes. These people are assigned to various missions and the most significant of them was bombing the small boats that can be controlled from a distance. These boats are usually employed to carry out different operations on moving targets at sea.

The invasion of Saudi ships in late January indicates that the weapons used in the operation had been made by the IRGC’s experts. Moreover, the commanders of the IRGC are not only present in Hodeidah Province but 6 commanders affiliated with the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence secretly went to Sanna, Yemen as well.

The commanders of the Ministry of Intelligence are responsible for organizing and training Houthis whose mission are to assassinate the leaders and influential figures opposing the Iran regimes and its plans in Yemen.

The Minister of State for Media Affairs in Jordan, Mohammad Al-Momani on Monday, April 10th stated:”Iran’s meddling in the Arab States is one of the most significant issues that the region suffers from.”

In an interview with the Gulf Online News (, Al-Momani said:”one of the problems of the region is Iran’s meddling in the domestic affairs of Arab States and in particular, its involvement in Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon. The statements made by the Iranian authorities indicate the interference of Iran in Arab States’ affairs and this is not acceptable for us. Lately, a meeting was held by the Arab States’s officials in the Dead Sea area. The participants stressed on the need to stop Iran’s meddling in the affairs of Arab States. In our opinion, there is a clear stance regarding the condemnation of such issues.”

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