The political prisoners of Zahedan Central Penitentiary and Gohardasht West-Tehran Prison, in a statement condemned the detainment of Mowlavi Kuhi; a Sunni cleric, demanding his release.

The prisoners supported the protests lodged by the people of Sarbaz Town. They also urged others to join them as well. The political prisoners said to the protesters not to trust the long-term promises given by the authorities of the Iran regime and to keep on protesting so that Mowlavi Kuhi will be released.

The following is part of the statement by the political prisoners of Zahedan Prison:

“As the news released about the detainment of Mowlavi Kuhi, we all became upset. Nevertheless, when we heard that the youths of Sarbaz Town and its vicinity lodged protest for the immediate release of Mowlavi, we were filled with joy.

We the political prisoners, congratulate you for your support and the measures you took. We express our support for your doings behind the bars and we condemn the detainment of Mowlavi Kuhi.

The Iran regime is constantly trying to imprison or assassinate prominent Ethnic figures including the scholars, elders, literates, and courageous youths with various methods and this crime has been invariably committed until now.

The Iran regime employs young people in Basij and the IRGC and it establishes field hospitals in order to distract the public opinion from the crimes committed by the IRGC and other organs.

The regime intends to stop protests and suppress people with detainments and executions. However, the brave young people in Sarbaz Town and other cities proved that nothing could prohibit them from defending the sanctities, religious and national pride and therefore, the sinister plans of the Iran regime vanished into the thin air.

We ask all youths across the Province to join the brave and young people of Sarbaz Town by staging protests in the streets in act of support.”

The prisoners of Gohardasht (Rajai Shahr) Prison also in a statement condemned the arrest of Mowlavi Kuhi demanding his release.

The following is also part of their statement:

“The force, oppression, and tyranny have been exerted to Sunnis and other minority religious and ethnic groups and this is a not a new phenomenon. The pressure is to an extent that the scholars, intellectuals, and liberals have even been assassinated or imprisoned for long time. The regime has also implemented discriminative rules and sectarian policies during these years.

We the political prisoners of Gohardasht (Rajai Shahr) are opposed to this situation and we hereby express our support for the Sunni scholars once again. We sign the statement in order to ask for the elimination of suppressions as well as the immediate and unconditional release of Mowlavi Kuhi and other Sunni scholars.

In the end, we stress the need for the realization of rights for the Sunni community as well as other minority and ethnic groups.
political prisoners of Gohardasht Prison, Karaj”

Source: / ncr-iran /