Masih Mohajeri, editor-in-chief of the Iranian state-run daily “Jomhuri Eslami” and one of the key elements of the regime, expressed fear of the explosive hatred for the regime in society.

Recalling the situation of the ‘damaged stratum’ because of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran and shedding crocodile tears for Iran’s poor people, he called on “big financial powers with very high financial means” to come on the scene to help them.

“In order to solve the problems definitively, big financial powers have to come on the scene, which is very capable, and their property belongs to the people. These financial powers include the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order, the Mostazafan Foundation, and Astan Quds Razavi. With the extensive facilities and financial resources available to these centers, the problems of these strata will be solved in the shortest possible time, if they are brought to the aid of the affected groups from Corona. These properties belong to the people, and in such situations, they must be used to solve the people’s problems.” (State-run website Rouydad 24, interview with Masih Mohajeri, 12 April 2020)

He took a step further and said: “If they don’t spend the money that they own to save the poor, how do they want to justify their philosophy of existence?”

What this remark shows us is that the regime’s situation is worse than anyone can imagine. While as one of the main regime’s elements who is driving one of the regime’s main media.

Confessing to the enormous wealth of the regime’s organizations which mainly belongs to the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei is enough to show the main source of the people’s poverty and the main cause of the vast outbreak of the coronavirus in Iran.

On this subject, he added: “The financial assistance of Astan Quds Razavi and the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order, [and the Mostazafan Foundation] to the affected strata by the coronavirus, in the face of the financial means of these centers, are insignificant and in principle not considered.”

The question is, where have the billions of dollars in oil revenues and the same amount of non-oil revenues from the country’s natural resources gone?

In which natural disasters, from floods, earthquakes, droughts and other disasters, has the regime used this wealth for? Which village in this land has benefited from all this billion wealth and spent it on its simplest needs and built schools, roads, clinic and give an end to its drink water crisis which most of Iran’s villages are struggling with it?

Despite all of that, the regime without any respect for the people is using this wealth of its own benefits like the regime’s bootless nuclear project for the people.

The statements of Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the regime’s Atomic Energy Organization, show part of this betrayal:

“I am proud to announce that 122 new achievements of this organization during the past year … promise the beginning of a new chapter in the comprehensive development of the proud activities of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. (IRNA, 8 April 2020)

But the bitter truth is that, in such a situation, asking for and expecting help from the regime’s rulers to take care of the livelihoods and health of the deprived is nothing but naivety, unless the applicant, has a special purpose. Maybe but surely to calm down the shaky situation in Iran.

In the recent years the Iranian regime has harmed the people in many cases from the protests in 2009, January 2018, November 2019 and January 2020, to the massive floods in April 2020, and the last one which will have not any pleasant end, while hurting many people and their families the coronavirus outbreak.

On the contrary, the regime has done nothing for the people, like paying the wages of Iran’s workers which these days is a challenge for them and will throw all of them under the poverty line which in Iran is tantamount to the death line.

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