“The Persian Gulf belongs to Iran and no one can falsify its name,” Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander, Ali Reza Tungsiri said, stressing that Iran has no imperialistic ambitions in the region.

Tungsiri said during a television interview, on the occasion of the “Persian Gulf Day”, that “Bahrain was part of Iranian territory until 1970, and Kuwait or Kut means the place of setting up rare tents in Persian,” saying that “this is evidence that the area was called this since ancient times.”

He said “no one can change its name,” noting that “all of the Persian Gulf belongs to the land of Persia.”

Tungsiri stressed that “Iran has no ambitions in the region” and that “its countries can extend a hand of friendship to each other to secure the Persian Gulf region, and expel strangers from it.”

“The Supreme Leader has intolerance regarding the Persian Gulf. He urges us to name the islands in it with their original name,” he added.

Source » almasdarnews