Risk Level:
89% May harm your business future;

This entity is connected with designated / sanctioned entities who are helping Iranian Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD

High Alert – Entity affiliated with Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entities

Abdulwahab Hussain Ali Ahmed Ismail is the founder of the Al Wafa Islamic Organization in Bahrain;

Al-Wafaa has been designated a “terrorist group” by the Bahraini authorities;

Al-Wafa cell members had been working directly with the IRGC and their Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, who provided them with financial support, training and technical support. The Khomeiniist regime has, for decades, worked to destabilize the governments of Persian Gulf countries via sectarianism. Though many Bahraini Shi’a have lived peacefully, Tehran has successfully recruited the firebrands among the community in order to cause instability and conflict;

– (Iran’s terror export threat to Bahrain, Gulf – January 23, 2017) – “Following this, came the recent Hezbollah activity in Bahrain. A terror cell was broken up in 2016, when two brothers, who were said to have been members of the outlawed Al Wafa Islamic Movement, were liaising with leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah, who provided them with $30,000 a month, to aid them in setting up a new Iranian-backed terror group named Al Basta (The Gathering), to coordinate attacks to topple the Bahrain government. One of the brothers, told how they had been in touch with members of the terror group that carried out a fatal bombing in July 2015, which killed two policemen and injured six others, in the Shi’ite village of Sitra. He went on to explain how his other brother had travelled to Iran, staying for two years, and had become a go-between for Al Wafa in Bahrain and the Iranian regime, feeding intelligence to the IRGC about the current situation in Bahrain”;

Also Known As:
Al-Wafa’a Islamic Party
Al-Wafa’a Islamic Party Bahrain
Al-Wafa Bahrain
Al Wafa Islamic Organization
Al Wafa Islamic Movement


Person of interests:
Abdulwahab Hussain Ali Ahmed Ismail

Reason for the color:
» Bahraini court sentences 19 IRGC agents;

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