On Monday, October 30, a Bahraini court sentenced 19 men to lengthy jail terms on charges of spying for the Iranian regime and plotting to overthrow Bahrain’s legal government, ‘The New Arab’ reported quoting judicial sources.

Eight people were sentenced to life in prison, nine to 15 years in prison and two to 10 years in jail for espionage and inciting public dissent, according to a statement released by the counter-terrorism prosecutor’s office.

Fifteen of those convicted were also stripped of their Bahraini citizenship, the statement said.

The court found the group guilty of leaking information to the Iranian regime’s terrorist Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian-backed Lebanese Hizballah and of receiving “material support” from the two forces of Iranian regime.

They were also convicted of forming a cell to “incite the public against the government and call for regime change by force”.

The prosecutor’s office said the 19 belonged to the Al-Wafaa Islamic movement, a little-known group which Bahraini authorities say is linked to the Revolutionary Guards and Hizballah.

Bahrain accuses the Iranian regime of training “terrorist cells” that aim to overthrow its government.

Source » ncr-iran