Mustafa Shahraki, director of the Nizar Sistan and Baluchistan Institute for the Recruitment and Entrepreneurship, said in an interview with the news editor of Basij, adding that the Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Institute of Nagorno-Nasr province started to work for Basijis in December of the year.
He stated that since the year 85 the institute has been operating with Zabol water supply lines to Zahedan, the physical protection of regional water facilities, Dampishin, Subadan Dam, Hajir Dam, Telecommunication, Commerce, Gas Company, Oil and Natural Resources Company until 1989 For 5,000 people, it has created a job opportunity.
Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Ngar Nasr province continued: In the year 89, according to the orders of the Supreme Leader on the Basijis’ job creation, the Institute’s approach to empowerment and entrepreneurship has changed, and the methods of identification, general and specialized advisory services to create a job by setting up a home-based business , Micro business in various classes, and employer and cooperative during the announcement by the Basij Youth Cooperative Foundation, and provincial planning and internal measures to empower the Basijis.
The town stated that the payment of facilities with a low interest rate had begun and, in this regard, the payment of facilities through the Bank of the Economy of 10 to 150 million Rials was started to create these jobs and in the year 90, by concluding a memorandum with the departments of labor, co-operation, committee Relief, technical and vocational, Imam Reza’s Mehr Foundation, received a number of sister and widower Basij forces.
He added: “In the year 90, 30 billion rials were paid through the Bank of the Economy and 50 billion Rials through the banks operating under the contract of the Employment Task Force.
Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Ngar Nasr province noted: In the year 93, the employment agency Nazar Nasr paid 40 billion Rials in employment and 35 billion Rials in the field of Resistance Economics.
Township continued: 200 people have used employment and resilience facilities in Nagorno-Nasr province last year.
He added: “This year, with the follow-up, all the budget for the resilient economy was to be paid in the form of a loan, through the mobilization of the Construction Bank and the Bank of the Economy, which Negar Nasr this year was responsible for monitoring the implementation and marketing and sales of products to the standard set. It is responsible.
The official continued: The Nasr Nasr is operating with qualified and trained personnel in empowerment and entrepreneurial activities, and with its provincial branches, its activities are in accordance with the orders of the Supreme Leader and the proposed solutions. The Basij Cooperative Foundation is serving the Basijis.

Source »موسسه-نگار-نصر-در-اقتصاد-مقاومتی-پیشگام-است;