Negar Nasr’s new office affiliated with the Basij Sepah Cooperative Foundation was opened in Qazvin with the presence of provincial and state officials as well as the Director General of the International Company.

According to Qazvin’s Fars news agency , the resistance economy meeting and the opening of the new office of Negar Nasr, affiliated to the Basij Corps Cooperative Foundation, were held at the site of the martyr Hassanpour meetings.

A number of provincial and national officials attended the ceremony to commemorate the mobilization of the Week and the opening of the Negar event.

Mahmoud Mortazai, director general of International Negar Nasr, said that Basij has a significant role in the resilience economy, adding that Ngar Nasr is the Basijian nationalist on the resistance front, and has always insisted on Ashura, in order to provide more than ever more valuable services to society. Slowly

At the beginning of the meeting, Hossein Faridi, a member of Nagorno-Nasr Branch of Qazvin province, expressed his performance for eight months this year, assessed the role of Negar Nasr in providing services to Basijis in the province.

At the end of the ceremony, with the presence of Mortezaei, the Director General of the company, as well as Barzegar Ebrahimi, the representative of the Basij Resistance Co-operative Foundation and the accompanying delegation, the new headquarters of Negar Nasr was opened.

Fariday said on the sidelines of the meeting in a conversation with the Persian correspondent: Negar Nasr, Qazvin province, is determined to co-operate with other provincial mobilization cooperatives in implementing the orders of the Supreme Leader on the occupation, guidance, supervision, control and recruitment of mobilization of human capital. Establishment of basijian employment grounds and capabilities, as well as promote the culture of labor, and, in parallel, identify job opportunities and opportunities in Qazvin province, and introduce employment facilities in the Basij district of this province, and provide the best services.

In the end, he acknowledged that in the course of the past few months, the company has been able to conclude eight agreements with various companies .

Source »دفتر-جدید-نگار-نصر-در-قزوین-افتتاح-شد