According to the official website of Ion Science, they are working with Mabrooka Trading from UAE. Mabrooka Trading is designated entity by the U.S. Treasury Department for providing support to entities affiliated with Iran’s ballistic missile program.

Also, Ghodrat Zargari is listed as a contact person for the authorized service center of Ion Science in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Ghodrat Zargari serves as technical sales advisor for Mabrooka Trading and senior technical and marketing manager of Zist Tajhiz Pooyesh Company. Has worked with Hossein Pournaghshband and Mabrooka Trading to procure goods for Iran.

Despite U.S. sanctions on Iran Regime and regime support for terrorist organizations, terrorist attacks, developing of nuclear weapons, threating to destroy other countries and despite U.S. sanctions on Mabrooka Trading, Ion Science continues to work with designated Mabrooka Trading and continues to support entities affiliated with Iran’s ballistic missile program.

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