Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Khamenei on Tuesday published an antisemitic poster evoking Nazi Germany’s “final solution” that destroyed European Jewry in order to advance Tehran’s quest to abolish Israel.

The poster’s language reads: “Palestine will be free. The final solution. Resistance is referendum.”

Khamenei displayed the antisemitic poster in English, Farsi and Arabic on his official homepage.

The picture shows a conquered Jerusalem with photos of the late Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani.

The US and the EU classified Soleimani as a leading international terrorist. A US drone strike killed Soleimani in January. He was responsible for the murder of over 600 US military personnel as well as Israelis.

The poster was released from Khamenei’s office to celebrate Quds Day, the annual Iranian regime rally calling for Israel’s destruction.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Jerusalem Post that: “Fanatic Jew-hating Ayatollah and company inspired by Nazi antecedents. Awaiting protests from Berlin and Vienna.”

The Post contacted German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration, including her federal commissioner to combat antisemitism, Felix Klein, for a comment.

Iran’s regime is considered the top state-sponsor of antisemitism and Holocaust denial by ADL national director Jonathan Greenblatt.

The Iranian-American Karmel Melamed, an expert on the regime’s lethal antisemitism and Holocaust denial, took to Twitter to criticize Germany for its robust trade relationship with Tehran.

Uwe Becker, the president of the pro-Israel NGO The German-Israel Friendship Society, told the Post that “While suppressing their own people, the Mullah regime in Tehran is proclaiming freedom for the Palestinians in order to continue the path to destroy the Jewish State. As long as Tehran is denying the right of existence of Israel and as long as they are continuing to attack directly or indirectly Israeli families, the EU should freeze the relations with the Iranian regime. No pillars of relations should stand on poisoned ground. The Iranian regime is constantly fighting against the State of Israel and its existence.”

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