Khamenei address Basij expressing fear of Anti-regime Uprising in Iran

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IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

The Basij Resistance Force

The Basij Resistance Force



Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei expressed his fears over looming anti-government protests by young people during a video conference meeting with members of paramilitary Basij forces, who posed as students.

During the annual meeting, which was held via video link this time due to the coronavirus pandemic, Khamenei said that the country is facing “oppression, blasphemy, and imperialism” that will be “too costly” if it succeeds. The irony here is that most people would describe the regime that way, not the Iranian Resistance.

Khamenei said that the regime “should take care of [the] youth to prevent their recruitment by the enemies”, who would not stop in its efforts to “disrupt national confidence” and bring “the revolution to its knees”.

He then warned those watching that they should be careful to ensure that they do not become passive or diverted from the values of the regime and that they should avoid allowing people to assume that their protests are anti-government.

This is a major reference to the November 2019 and January 2020 uprisings, where thousands came out onto the streets to chant against the regime and Khamenei.

Khamenei said that regime supporters must follow his instructions or risk handing the country to the Resistance, before setting out his idea for a “young, Hezbollah government”. To be clear, he’s probably not referring to the Iran-backed terrorist group in Lebanon, because the regime refers to its hardline supporters as “Hezbollahi”.

He then suggested that younger regime supporters – the few that there are – should their “revolutionary” front, by encouraging others, who quite rightly distrust the regime, to come on board.

He said: “Never compromise with those who question the fundamentals of the revolution.”

Khamenei also urged a crackdown on individual freedoms in universities, by pleading with officials to “recognize the importance of the hijab and gender segregation”, which penalizes females students and affects their education. He also called for sharia law to be followed in universities.

Then, bizarrely, Khamenei moved on to talk about the coronavirus crisis, claiming that Iran has done a better job than Western countries because, according to the Ministry of Health, just 7,057 have died from the disease in Iran.

Of course, this does not consider the actual number of deaths, which is 42,600 as of Monday night. The regime has been desperately trying to cover up the crisis and its own mismanagement since the beginning.

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