Iran plans to ramp up its exportation of weapons and other military equipment in the coming months, one of the country’s top generals said Wednesday.

The chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Baqeri, said Iran plans to share both its equipment and military expertise with friendly countries in the region and around the world.

“Introducing the Islamic Republic’s defense and military capabilities and sharing them [with friendly countries] can expand the country’s defense relations and strengthen deterrence,” Baqeri said at a Wednesday press conference, according to Iranian state-run Press TV.

“The Iranian Armed Forces are fully prepared to upgrade the level of ties in various fields, including the wholesale export of defense and military equipment as well as training, exercises and the practical transfer of experience,” he added.

Iran’s ability to provide military equipment is already being demonstrated in Ukraine, where Russian forces have deployed thousands of Iranian-made kamikaze drones. Ukrainian air defenses have fended off wave after wave of the attack drones in addition to Russian missiles.

Baqeri says the program will be a key aspect in developing better relations with its allies in the region, though he did not offer specifics about any countries Iran has plans to work with.

He went on to argue that Iran’s move is part of a changing world order that is seeing power shift away from Western countries.

“The future world is a different world. The new world order geometry is altering with the emergence of several new powers, particularly in Asia and in different fields,” he said.

The development comes as Iran is still in talks with President Biden’s administration to revive the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal. The Biden administration has swept away former President Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign to stop Iran’s alleged illicit nuclear weapons program.

Source » msn