The case of the so-called € 640million rents has entered a new phase, which on Wednesday, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade announced in defense statements that it was acting in accordance with the law and to accelerate the entry of livestock inputs.

On Tuesday, the Central Bank of Iran announced that it had committed a grant of EUR 640 million to the Ministry of Industry and Mine. Credit is said to be available to a company that imports animal inputs and some of the underlying commodities.

But on Wednesday, May 31, Gholam Hossein Mohsenyazhi, Iran’s Attorney General at the public meeting of the Majlis, referred to the case and said that a large credit is allocated to a person who has a thousand billion dollars in bank lending!

Mr. Azhieh was quoted as one of the Iranian judiciary while Ahmad Tavakoli, a parliamentarian on Monday, announced at a news conference on Monday that his claim was finally proven about a 640 million euro rents of a company.

Ahmad Tavakoli announced the agreement with a “special businessman” last year with government officials to use the € 640 million rents. An issue that was then grounded by government officials.

Mr. Tavakoli, however, continued to pursue the issue until Monday at a news conference that the Minister of Industry and the Central Bank of the current government had full knowledge of the allocation of this rent. A huge amount that ended up with a particular company and businessman.

A company based on Radio Farda’s follow-up in recent years has had a large portion of the livestock feed market and some of the underlying commodities.

According to Mr. Tavakoli, in the month of last year, a report has been made that for a particular company, there are concessions that are not considered for other companies.

The name of this company is “Sepid Firm Asia”. In the follow-up to Radio Farda, it became clear that the head of the board of directors of the company was Mrs. Star, appointed by the official newspaper last year.

Meanwhile, in May of the same year, the name of the star was nominated by the Iranian Privatization Organization as one of the 112 major bank debtors and was also made available to the media.

Mrs. Possession is one of the shareholders of the Pasargad Bank, the same bank as in the recent report by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the paying agent bank in the case of 640 million YUR. As such, Ms Mansobi was both a shareholder of the bank and the board chairman of the company receiving a repayment of EUR 640 million.

In this regard, Ahmad Tavakoli said in his recent report that the Court of Audit and the Economic and Financial Commission and Rule 90 of the Majlis condemn all three violations of the government in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Industry and Mines claims that it will provide such other suppliers of essential goods in order to meet the country’s essential needs.

The issue that Mr Tavakoli dismissed and said that, until clarifying all aspects of the case, according to him, he would follow a special deal of € 640 million.

Source » radiofarda