A recently published document by “GhyamSarnegouni,” a group of Iranian dissidents who successfully breached the servers of the regime’s presidential offices on May 29, reveals that the nationwide uprising which erupted in September of 2022 dealt a significant blow to Iran’s clerical regime. According to the document, the uprising posed an existential threat to the regime, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

The exposed document is a directive from Ali Bahadori-Jahromi, the spokesperson of Ebrahim Raisi’s government. The directive instructs all cabinet members to spread false narratives about the widespread protests and put the blame for Iran’s problems on the regime’s enemies. This directive underscores the regime’s desperation to maintain its grip on power, even if it means disseminating misinformation.

The letter in question acknowledges that the nationwide uprising cannot be attributed solely to hijab, nor can it be solely attributed to the death of Mahsa Amini, a young girl who was killed by the regime’s morality police in September. The document recognizes that the uprising is rooted in deeper societal issues, highlighting the regime’s failure to adequately address the needs and concerns of the Iranian people.

“The enemy’s main goal is to undermine the principles of independence and authority in Islamic Iran and hinder progress,” the document reads.

While acknowledging the country’s dire economic conditions and rejecting Ebrahim Raisi’s claims about financial prosperity, Bahadori Jahromi orders cabinet members to “Refrain from making decisions or announcing negative and alarming news about the high cost of goods and services, as well as social restrictions, especially in the current situation. If there is a possibility that certain decisions may carry a negative charge and sensitize public opinion, it is necessary to coordinate with the government’s information council before implementation and notification.”

Instead, he encourages officials to try to deceive the public. “Conduct interviews, discussions, and speeches that reflect positive and promising news. Communicate the successful outcomes achieved by Iran in various fields for the people’s awareness,” the letter reads.

In a part of his letter, Bahadori Jahromi urges officials and institutions to “Provide full and comprehensive support for the military and police forces while condemning any actions that weaken the country’s security. Condemn attacks on the IRGC, Basij, army, and police forces.” This further proves that people who defend the Revolutionary Guards and other regime security forces and consider them as part of a solution to the current crisis in Iran are playing into the regime’s hand.

The document shows on the one hand that contrary to what the regime is trying to portray, it has not been able to suppress the protests and the people’s will to overthrow the rule of the mullahs. On the other hand, it proves that the regime will in no way be changed from within, whether it is through political factions or banking on the IRGC and the regime’s security forces to turn against the regime.

Source » mojahedin