Following Khamenei’s remark and his order of “fire-at-will forma”, the repressive measures has increased on Friday 9 and many young men and Sunni activists got arrested in Kurdistan and other southern provinces including Khuzestan.

According to the reports, the IRGC has arrested tens of people in each province with the most insulting and violent behavior. Those arrested were transferred to an unknown place.

Some Sunni youths near Tehran were transferred to the intelligence agencies with force and planned attacks. A state-run News Agency quoted Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence that 41 people were arrested in Kermanshah, Kurdistan, West Azerbaijan, and Tehran, on charges of complicity with the ISIS.

Khamenei acknowledged the confusion among the leaders of his gang after a series of defeats; ordering his mercenaries to take action in a fire-at-will forma. He stated, “I constantly tell all intellectual, cultural and Jihadi cores of the country to take actions autonomously like what we call it in the battlefield as the “fire-at-will forma”. Of course, there are headquarters that command at war. The commander orders the “fire-at-will forma” in case the connection is cut with the headquarters or some defects are identified. Well, you are supposed to be the commanders of the soft war as well in case you detect any defect in the central headquarters. Therefore, you shall order the “fire-at-will forma”. You must take decisions, think, find, move, and take measures on your own.”

On Wednesday, June 7 in a meeting with a group of Basij and plain-clothes forces, Khamenei stated that he will take serious measures if any disruption occurs in the intellectual, cultural or political systems.

Source » ncr-iran