The opposition is preparing an offensive from this Monday in Congress around the situation of the Iranian plane sanctioned by the United States and retained at the Ezeiza airport. There is even growing suspicion that the son of the Iranian Interior Minister was traveling on the plane. Ahmad Vahid |, accused of being one of the masterminds of the AMIA attack.

One of the crew surnamed Vahid would have gotten off at a previous stopover that the aircraft made in Ciudad del Este, in Paraguay.

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Legislators from Together for Change are preparing to demand an emergency meeting of the bicameral intelligence house this Monday. In addition, they will request information from the Ministry of Security, Migration and the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), among other agencies.

“We are going to present a request for interpellation of the new AFI controller, Agustín Rossi, in the bicameral intelligence. And there will be similar requests for security ministers, Hannibal Fernandez, and inside, Wado de Pedro and for the Secretary of Transportation, Diego Giuliano“, said to TN the deputy of Together for Change Gerardo Milman.

The legislator announced that all these requests will be raised this Monday.
How was the case of the Iranian plane detained in Ezeiza

The Boeing 747 belongs to the Iranian airline Mahan Air y is sanctioned by the United States. She came from Caracas and travels under the Venezuelan flag. The device landed on Monday June 6 in Córdoba due to the dense fog that was in Buenos Aires. He then headed to Ezeiza International Airport.

According to reports, local intelligence services received an alert from Uruguay after the neighboring country refused to approve their entry for refueling.

Local authorities detained the aircraft and the crew of 19 people, including 14 Venezuelans and five Iranians who identified themselves as Mohammad Khosraviaragh; Gholamreza Ghasemi; Mahdi Mouseli; Saeid Vali Zadeh and Abdolbaset Mohammadi.

ifmat - One of the flight crew

One of the flight crew. (Photo: Iran International)

The Venezuelan citizens were released and the Iranians would be awaiting their return to Tehran on a regular commercial flight. At the moment, there are no international arrest warrants or any other type of alert. Meanwhile, the federal judge Federico Villena decides if they return their passports.

Justice requested reports from Immigration, the Airport Security Police (PSA), the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) and Customs before deciding whether to release the aircraft.

The plane had identification markings from Emtrasur, a subsidiary of Venezuela’s national airline (Conviasa), also under US sanctions since February 2020. According to what they said, they came to the country to bring auto parts.
They suspect that the plane came with 29 crew members before making a stopover in Ciudad del Este

In his dialogue with TNdeputy Gerardo Milman questioned that the Argentine government has not made any complaint against the crew of the plane.

“There is no complaint from the Government in the face of such an irregularity. The plane had the transponder (cabin transmitter) turned off (which prevented its location). And the government did not report it. He handed the passports to the crew when committed a crime in flight”, he indicated.

Furthermore, he said that the plane made a previous stopover in Ciudad del Este, in Paraguayin the area called the triple border where it is suspected that there is a strong Hezbollah presencethe Lebanese terrorist group financed by Tehran and accused of the terrorist attack on the AMIA.

According to Milman, there were then 29 crew members. “One of them, surnamed Vahid, I sense that He is the son of Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahid, accused of being one of the masterminds of the attack.” to the Argentine Jewish mutual in 1994, he indicated.

Who are the Iranians arrested and who were traveling on a cargo plane

In the last few hours, the names and photos of the detained Iranians have emerged.

The international analyst Andrei Serbin Pont confirmed the identity of one of them, surnamed Ghasemi. “The name of Gholamreza Ghasemi coincides with the name of member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran and administrator of Fars Air Qeshm, an Iranian airline that uses 747s to traffic weapons to terrorist groups,” he said on his Twitter account.

ifmat - Mahan Air plane detained in Ezeiza - Who are the Mahan Air crew arrested1

The alleged pilots of the mysterious plane that landed in Buenos Aires. (Photo: Twitter/@damianpachter)

The five arrested are Mohammad Khosraviaragh; Gholamreza Ghasemi; Mahdi Mouseli; Saeid Vali Zadeh and Abdolbaset Mohammadi. According to reports, some of them would have alleged links with the Quds Force.

The Quds Force is an elite troop of Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards, in charge of carrying out extraterritorial operations.

What was the immobilized plane transporting in Ezeiza and who was on board

The plane that was stopped in Ezeiza transported auto parts for an automotive company, according to the official version.

However, Deputy Milman said that this does not stand up to any analysis. “it would be ridiculous that an automotive multinational that trades with the United States hires a plane from Venezuela and Iran. It would be sanctioned by the United States,” he stated.

In the reviews carried out at the airport, nothing strange was found, as far as he could know TN from official sources.

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