Iranian government controls automotive companies

Group-Soroush Khosravi: The latest survey shows that the government continues to have an effective control over the stock of automotive companies operating on stock exchanges.
According to Hamshahri, Iran’s Industrial Development and Refinement Co. is currently the largest stockholder in the stock market, with 45% of Iran Khodro’s shares directly and indirectly available and directly and directly Indirect owner owns 49% of Saipa shares.
According to the report, except for direct ownership of 37% of the company for the expansion and modernization of industries in Iran Khodro, Rena’s investment holds 6% stake in Iran Khodro. The majority of Rena’s shares belong to the company for the expansion and modernization of industries, while Samand’s investment belonging to Iran Khodro Co. is among the shareholders of this car company. In Saipa, the direct ownership of Iran’s Industrial Development and Renovation Company It’s equivalent to 35%, but Rena’s and Saipa’s subscriptions are always expanding in Saipa’s companies with 14% of the total equity. On the other hand, SIPA is also the second-largest shareholder of the company, with 17% of Saipa’s total equity. Over the past year, Avalon Group, which previously owned 17% of Saipa shares, gradually transferred its shares to Saipa. At present, the ownership of the Bahman Group in Saipa has fallen by 4%.
According to the report, the IRGC Cooperative Foundation, with 45% of its total stake, remains the main owner of the avalanche group. Ghadir’s oppression of Ghadir’s investment subsidiaries is the second largest owner of Bahman Group shares. The company owns 14% stake in Bahman Group. Bahman’s brokerage as market agent in the past year has collected two percent of Bahman’s total stock in order to balance the market.
According to the latest available statistics, Saipa has bought Sparta 84% stake in Pars Khodro in the past two years, with the purchase of social security shares to Pars Car’s owner. According to the latest figures, Saipa’s Saipa automobile group is also majority owned by the majority, 60% of shares Pars Khodro belongs to this complex. On the other hand, Iran Khodro automobile group owns 66% of the total shares in Iran Khodro Diesel, and in Saip Diesel, another Iranian heavyweight giant, the Saipa owner owns more than 60% of the total shares; Meanwhile, Saba’s investment also owns 4 percent of Saipa Diesel shares.
According to official reports, 81 percent of the company regularly manages Land Rover and Mousoo’s bonds, while national investment companies and culturalists hold 5 percent and 4 percent of the total shares, respectively.

Source » Hamshahri

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