In Fear of the outbreak of the uprising, Khamenei resorts to new acts of brutality every day. On Sunday, June 18, the Regime’s Judiciary committed a heinous act by publicly hanging a prisoner in the city of Daylam, Bushehr Province. This execution was carried out as a response to the killing of two SSF (State Security Force) agents in March 2022, at the city’s coastal park.

On the same day, the Regime’s Judiciary hanged two other Baluch compatriots named Fazl Ahmad Ghofran (Rakhshani) and Mohammad Sepahi in the central prison of Kerman. Additionally, on Saturday, another Baluch citizen named Mahmoud Rakhshani was executed in Zahedan’s central prison.

Turning a blind eye, engaging in negotiations, and appeasing a regime that disregards the principles of human rights, exhibits extreme cruelty, and has a shameful record of executions and torture, is a blatant violation of basic human rights standards. This medieval regime must be isolated from the international community, and its leaders should be held accountable for four decades of crimes against humanity and genocide.

Source » mek-iran