Confrontations involving the Iranian regime and its proxies are causing tensions to reach new levels in the Middle East.

One of the most recent confrontations involves Saudi Arabia – an arch rival to Iran. The Saudis have caught three IRGC agents (Iran regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) that were approaching the Saudi offshore Marjan oil field in a vessel.

Saudi officials say that the three IRGC agents are currently being questioned by Saudi authorities.

The incident happened on 16th June. The vessel that was seized was carrying explosives and there were intentions to carry out a terrorist attack, according to a Saudi statement. The Saudi navy had fired warning shots to no avail.

Iranian regime recently launched several missiles towards Syria, supposedly aiming at ISIS positions and supposedly in retaliation to the twin attacks carried out in the country’s capital. Iranian regime claimed that Saudi Arabia was behind the attacks, leaving many to wonder whether the almost-attack was Iran’s response.

A US jet shot down a Syrian regime jet following bombings in areas where US-allied forces are located. Russia then threatened the US that its warplanes would be a target if they attacked Russian elements.

There have also been several incidents in al-Tanf, a remote area in Syria near the border with Jordan and Iraq. US forces fired towards militias that are backed by Iranian regime.

Clash after clash in Syria is showing that the country is becoming a battle arena for US and Iran confrontations. Iranian regime is more invested (and desperate) than ever.

Meanwhile, the Tehran lobbies are spreading their blatant falsities, as usual. In the Huffington Post, a member of the National Iranian American Council said that Iran, which has not launched a missile since the eighties, has just launched one as “a reaction to Trump’s escalation in the Middle East”.

He blamed Trump for creating a “recipe for war”. The lobby is, once again, ignoring the truth and manufacturing facts. The real “recipe for war” was Iran’s intervention in Syria that blew the whole conflict into an out-of-control war in the first place.

Source » ncr-iran