Amid mounting pressure inside Iran over the recent string of assassinations of nuclear scientists and high-ranking military officers, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps’ Intelligence Organization, Hossein Taib, has been sacked, oppositionist media outlet Iran International reported on Thursday.

Speculation has already begun regarding Taib’s successor, the report said.

Neither the IRGC nor state-run media outlets in Iran have corroborated or refuted the report.

Taib has a long record of terrorist activity and intimidation both inside and outside of Iran. Those tracking him tell of a vicious commander with a tendency to go for broke, including recently, with reports of Iranian terrorist cells hunting Israelis in Turkey.

He has been known to security forces in Israel and the West for years.

According to Iran International, Taib’s possible successors include his deputy, Hassan Mohaqeq, former Minister of Intelligence Hayder Moslehi, and the current head of the IRGC’s counterintelligence operations, Mohammad Kazemi.

Source » israelhayom