This time the issue of Iran’s presidential election and the presidency of Ebrahim Raisi is far beyond a normal election in which somebody promised the people to make changes and make the living condition for the people more pleasant and comfortable.

Because Raisi has been accused to be one of the four people of Iran’s 1988 massacre ‘Death Commission’ who have implemented Iran regime’s founder Ruhollah Khomeini’s ‘Fatwa’ (decree) to execute more than 30,000 political prisoners mainly members of the regime’s main opposition group the PMOI/MEK.

There is enough evidence about this event, but the purpose of this article is not to point out this issue but to count the promises made by such a killer after he had many times claimed to make the living conditions of the people more pleasant.

And it remains to be seen whether Raisi can hold and execute the promises he made to the people. Noteworthy, many analysts say, that if this regime holds these promises and makes them practical, he will face the people’s protests because the people main desire is becoming regime change and creating a better atmosphere for the people encouraged them to stand up against the regime. The fact is that the regime is using poverty and living difficulties as a lever to control and pressurizing the people. On the other side, if the regime makes not any changes, it will face protests too.

The main promises made during the 2021 election are as follows:

Managerial promises

– Having the same view to all people
– Changing the status quo in favor of the people
– Legal guarantee of the rights of all people
– Ending corrupt relationships and the flow of rent-seeking and dealing with manifestations of corruption
– Orientation towards justice
– Use all the capacities of the country and efficient forces and consensus building
– Changes in the executive system and the way the country is run
– Transformation in the administrative system to combat corruption and remove cumbersome regulations
– Climate recognition of country issues in addition to major issues
– Creating guidance patrols for managers
– Reform the government and fight corruption, inefficiency, and discrimination
– Establish a system of transparency and transparency of actions
– Minimize or eliminate conflicts of interest at many levels, such as housing and health

Economic promises

– Construction of 4 million houses in 4 years
– Create one million jobs per year (4 million jobs at the end of 4 years)
– Reduce inflation to half the current rate and then single-digitize inflation
– Creating a comprehensive economic information system
– Currency market management
– Eliminate the dependence of basic goods and people’s basket on the exchange rate
– Reforming the country’s banking system
– Structural change in the banking system
– Moving liquidity to production
– Increase market monitoring
– Controlling inflation and counteracting inflation
– Reform the pricing and supply and distribution system to solve the class gap
– Resolving class distance and injustice by changing wrong economic policies
– Proportioning people’s wages to inflation
– Distribution of justice using economic capacities
– Reform the tax system and create an intelligent system to deal with a corrupt bureaucracy
– Support for disadvantaged families and groups
– Provide people with a minimum wage by providing shopping cards for the lower three deciles
– Leap in production and strengthen business
– Using the country’s production capacity, 40% of which is empty
– Activate the maritime economy

Social and cultural promises

– Solve the housing problem of young people on the verge of marriage
– Free internet for the lower deciles of the society
– Cyber ​​economy boom
– Revision of cumbersome circulars
– Solve the problem of the health transformation plan
– Resolving the damage of justice in society
– Recognize the rights of all people, girls, women, and villagers to solve their problems

Foreign policy promises

– Adherence to the JCPOA with external authority along with internal authority
– Organizing the economy, livelihood and culture and social issues, and people’s rights in the field of foreign policy
– Do not hesitate to lift sanctions and at the same time neutralize sanctions and not making the economy conditional
– Special attention to economic diplomacy alongside political diplomacy and the use of regional economic potential

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