Foreign partners – suppliers of Iranian sanctioned entity FITCO

FITCO is involved in purchasing equipment and materials which have direct applications in the Iranian nuclear program.

FITCO is listed by the European Union on December 1, 2011 as an entity linked to Iran’s proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities or Iran’s development of nuclear weapon delivery systems; with some exceptions, European Union member states must freeze all funds and economic resources owned, held or controlled by the listed entity, and prevent funds or economic resources from being made available to it.

Despite Europe sanctions on FITCO and involvement in Iranian nuclear program these companies are listed as FITCO suppliers/partners, according to the official website of FITCO:
1. Haver & Boecker – Germany
2. Rulli Rulmeca SpA – Italy
3. AviteqGermany
4. M&W – Denmark
5. Nicro – Italy
6. Indotherm – India
7. Indotherm – India
8. WeiTeQ – Germany
9. Italvibras – Italy
10. DUNLOP – India
11. VSI – Italy
12. TongYang – South Korea
13. SinoPES – China

ifmat - FITCO suppliers1

ifmat - FITCO suppliers part 2

ifmat - FITCO suppliers 3

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