IRGC controlled Khatam Al-Anbiya – connected to Terex corporation

Due to the type of heavy loading operations they carry out, the cranes do not allow the use of tires, therefore, they can be used to distribute the pressure on the surface more than the chain wheel. Of course, the possibility of moving in rugged terrain is also among the advantages of these types of devices, including the disadvantages of these devices, the feasibility of maneuvering and the low speed of displacement. This machine is mainly used in refineries, petrochemical plants and other large industrial projects. The materials used in this group of applications in excavation and excavator in different types of styles and began to be used in refineries, power plants, bridges in heavy types. These types of cranes are divided into two categories according to their type of operation: 1- light chain cranes; 2- lift crane cranes;
Lifting cranes have lifting capacity (carrying) between 100 and 1200 tons. The main feature of low weight machines is the low weight of the device and the possibility of easier movement, high speed installation, and in larger tanks, lifting height up to 226 meters and a radius of access up to 165 meters.

ifmat - Terex corporation works with IRGC controlled Khatam Al-Anbiya1

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