The outcome of Iran’s presidential election is a person infamous for his crimes over three decades hold various offices.

With a thesaurus of only 30-40 words Ebrahim Raisi in every meeting, press conference, and circle showed that he not only is not capable to answer the simplest questions expected from someone who becomes the head of the executive branch to run a government but has not any solution for the country’s accumulated crises over the past decades, since the start of the mullahs’ regime.

One of the great crises that every new president of the regime has tried to overcome and has always failed is the issue of brain drain and the migration of Iranians.

In the first press conference on Monday, June 21, Raisi picked up a stone that has no understanding of its political, social, cultural, economic, and international weight.

He invited Iranians outside the country to return and reassure them about the investment in Iran. The amazing part of the story is that a man who is one of the main reasons for the escape of the Iranian people because of years of crime, execution, and torture is now expecting Iran’s people to move back to the country and is reassuring a safe and secure life.

The state-run media Etemad in an article entitled, “Why should they come back, you tell us Mr. Raisi on June 24, 2021, wrote:

“But perhaps it is not bad to sincerely raise points with Mr. Raisi.

“Mr. Raisi, the return of your compatriots to the country has some prerequisites that if you have not paid serious attention to them before, it might be a good idea to review them in the remaining days until you start your work and remind them to your like-minded team.

“The return of intellectual capital and professionals and ordinary citizens to the country needs to reduce strictures and misunderstandings. There have been many officials in the country who have promised to open the doors and even demanded the return of Iranian immigrants at their request and invitation. In practice, however, what has prevented this process from accelerating or stopping has been selective treatment, threats, and abuse of those who have sought to return.

“You must be familiar with this phenomenon due to your long presence in the judiciary, and you know many who have intended to return home, have given up before traveling or after coming to Iran. You know that due to extremism, they have either not been provided with the opportunity to work in Iran, or if they have, they got in trouble and they prefer to stay outside the country than to return.

“The issue is not complicated, Mr. Raisi. Anyone who wants to return to Iran wants a comfortable job and life. If you can declare it for your colleagues and like-minded people how serious your invitation is and what conditions should be provided for it in the country, not only immigrants but even compatriots inside the country will pray for you.

“Mr. Raisi, many of our compatriots have left Iran in the past few decades. Most of them not with a delightful mind, but because of compulsion. With bitterness and tears. Most of them have endured years of exile with pain and suffering. This multimillion migration and this resistance to return have reasons that you, like us, know it.

“Except for a few, the rest have sought a quiet and simple life in exile. To escape the multitude of economic and social problems that are not unsolvable. Solving economic problems requires stability and interaction. The creation of jobs and reducing inflation. All this is possible only in a safe and hopeful environment for the future, and without de-escalation at home and abroad, and with the continuation of the policies pursued to date, we will have nothing but intensified calamities.

“Solving social problems, however, is easier and takes less time. Just look at what promises you gave to get people’s votes. Paying attention to women’s rights, reducing the restrictive restrictions of young people, better access to the Internet, and reducing censorship and filtering, and common restrictions in the art and media world. Let us not compliment.

“If you want to give hope and relief to the community, we have not to interfere in the people’s lives. The insistence on promoting a certain form of life and struggling with different generations and strata of society to accommodate a certain kind of thinking and ideology has only led to dissatisfaction. This was evidenced by the presence of the people in the elections and the millions of absentees and millions of invalid votes if there is someone who can pay attention.

“If you want the Iranians to support you, to enjoy life, to go carefree, and to think about returning to the city and the homeland, let them alone and see whose nose is in the people’s lives. Identify the sources of public harassment and use the authority you must shut down and control these sources and centers.

“Mr. Raisi, it is difficult to bring capital into the country. If it is an Iranian or foreign investor. You saw that even during the honeymoon of the JCPOA [2015 Iran nuclear deal], we could not attract foreign investors because tough economic sanctions did not allow it and international banks did not allow it too. Because the investment risk in Iran is high. If you want that the capitals flee into the country, instead of chanting slogans, you should think that sanctions should be lifted, and banks should work with us, and bringing capital to Iran should not be so risky. These are also possible with reconciliation and soft and worldly language.

“If, as your friends claim, you are looking to close even more communication networks, and if you are looking for economic and self-sufficiency, you are looking for the remnants of the environment and water of the country, and if you are looking for the same in art and culture that your campaign agents addressed, the destination will be somewhere else. Thus, which Iranian is willing to leave his life in a peaceful and prosperous country and return?

“But if you say that all that prosperity, hope, and justice is important to you, first, see why the Iranians, your compatriots are looking for and leave their homeland. Listen to their words and hearts and think of a solution to the problem. This may even take precedence over the returning of those who have left.

“Mr. Raisi! As you read this, many in language classes and legal counseling offices are dreaming to leave. You tell them why they should not go. What awaits them if they stay. Tell them about the dream of Iran tomorrow.

“Mr. Raisi! The path we have taken has not led us to the desired point. They (the people) are packing their items. You tell us about the desired point and show us life. Everyone will unpack their items and relax. And many of those who left will return. Who will reject life and hope, Mr. Raisi?

“But now you can write the destiny of the people. What do you have in your pouch, Mr. Raisi?”

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