75 thousand Meters of AbbasAbad’s lands transferred to Khatam al-Anbiya

(June 2016) – The financial audit of the municipality was the most important subject of the session of the city council. The issue that has become a major challenge between the municipality and the council over the past weeks. Although Tehran Mayor officially denied it in response to the auditors’ plans two days ago, declaring that the municipality had a good transparency in the financial aspect, however, the speeches of the members of the city council, especially Alireza Dehbir and Rahmatollah Hafez, are completely contrary to this claim. .

Al-Reza Dabir, Head of the City Council’s Program and Budget Commission on the sidelines of the City Council’s yesterday’s meeting, said “Trust” about the recent claim by the city municipality that the municipality’s clear and defensible financial condition is: Contrary to the words of the mayor of Tehran, the report of the council’s auditors indicates that the financial situation of the municipal companies is not appropriate and defensible. “We had several meetings with the municipality’s executives and auditors, and they were in the course of our auditors’ routine,” he said. “We have had a number of meetings with the auditors of our auditors and some of them, too,” he said. So if there is a difference, both sides have to resolve it in those meetings.

He states that some of these cases are so obvious that they can not be disputed: “For example, why is part of the land of Abbasabad, which is considered to be a precious and valuable land of Tehran, at a price below 1 million and a half dollars for sale It does not relate to differences in the perception of auditors. The secretary continued to answer the following question: “Why has not been reported in the financial statements of the municipality of year 91, such violations and violations have not been reported, said that the audit was not carried out at the time of attendance, and this is the first year that audits are carried out under the responsibility of the servant. Therefore, the people who were responsible at that time should be accountable.

“I am an independent member of the Council,” said the chairman of the city council’s program and budget committee on how audit bases were raised by the principals who are themselves sponsors of the municipality and municipality of Tehran. So this does not apply to me. Moreover, I do not believe that expert discussions, such as auditing, should be political, as our friendship and friendship should not prevent our duty to be monitored. According to Secretary, an audit of five municipal organizations also suggests that the financial situation of these organizations is not suitable and defensible, and almost all of them have problems in the event of their situation.

Rahmatullah Hafezi, chairman of the Health and Environment Commission of the City Council, also said that the municipality has claimed Abbasabad land that it has been handed over to the state budget as one of the members who vigorously pursues the issue of violations of the municipality’s audit. We do not know that in the area of ​​law, the name has been taken from state and non-state land. Meanwhile, if this is the case, why has the municipality never received any names from the state land and did not specify its amount and its points? He stated that 75,000 meters of 80,000 square meters of Abbasabad land has been handed over to Khatamalanbia to the municipality’s debt, saying that the land has been allocated to this station with an estimated 100 billion dollars, and, besides its 300 billion, This site has told that this amount of density is a question. “With some of these violations, it is so clear that there is no doubt that there will be no doubt,” he said, rejecting the defendants of the mayor of Tehran. For example, the money paid for subway tickets sold at some stations to the personal account of the station is a clear and untenable violation. According to Hafizai, 5,000 meters of land has been transferred to another part of the land. He also emphasized that, on average, each company in the suburb of the municipality had 25 audits of violations, said: “Why should I be confiscated on this city council report this year?”

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