Khatam Al-Anbiya uses ZPMC equipment

Gateway Crane or Gentry Crane

Gantry crane is a crane structure specially designed for loading and unloading containers on a float .

This machine has several types, most notably ZPMC , which is also used in Iran. In Shahid Rajaee Port, this device is available to Tidewater Company in the Middle East.

Another type of gentry crane is used in the bridge industry, which is used as a truss truss and the installation of prefabricated components between bridge openings, and this type of device was used for the first time in Iran in 2012 in Sadr’s class bridge project .

Application and advantages Gateway Crane :

Gantry cranes in the form of a single-piston bridge, a semi-gantry crane and a gantry bridge of two bridges, each crane can have one or more lifts, and also the cranes are the best solution for moving materials outdoors, such as crushing Ports, iron warehouses and the best solution for unloading outdoor loads from trucks and container displacement. Consequently, with the special moves that these cranes will have, they will satisfy all your points of view. They do.

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