The French foreign ministry has warned French citizens and dual nationals against traveling to Iran due to the risk of arbitrary detention and unfair trial.

The ministry categorized the Iranian territory as “red” on its travel advisory map on Monday which means it formally advised French and dual nationals against going to Iran regardless of the reason.

It also urged French nationals visiting the country now to be highly vigilant and to take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety. “They are strongly advised to limit their movements within the country, to imperatively avoid any type of gathering and to make themselves known to the French Embassy in Tehran,” the notice said.

The ministry said the French – including people making a simple tourist visit — are exposed to a high risk of arrest, arbitrary detention and unfair trial, adding that “in the event of arrest or detention, respect for fundamental rights and personal security are not guaranteed.”

It added that the ability of the French Embassy in Tehran to provide consular protection for nationals arrested or detained in Iran is very limited, and in the case of French-Iranian nationals, consular visits are not authorized as Iran does not recognize dual nationality.

In June, Sweden and Canada also advised their citizens against all travel to the Islamic Republic due to security risks to foreigners as well as the volatile security situation and the regional threat of terrorism.

In the past decade, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have arrested dozens of dual nationals and foreigners, mostly on unproven allegations of espionage in what human rights organizations have said is essentially hostage taking.

Source » iranintl