KSB in Iran despite international sanctions

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From the early 2003 KSB Aktiengesellschaft has established its own branch office in Iran and this office has handled all KSB related affairs ever since.

The aim of this office is to act as a frontier of KSB group in the volatile, but potential market of Iran. We aim to offer each customer tailored solutions and to be trusted partner who can be reached easily and quickly.

KSB branch office Iran provides detail technical solutions in the segment of Energy and Industry, Water and Waste Water, Building Services and has proudly continued its supportive operations before, during, and after the international sanctions on Iran.

ifmat - KSB in Iran

KSB has a branch office in Tehran:

Address: Unit 16, 7th Floor, Navak Building, Before Jahan-Koodak Crossing, Africa Blvd.,Tehran, 1518643111 IRAN
Tel.: +98 (0)21 8887 9700(6 Lines)
Fax: +98 (0)21 8865 2027
E-mail: info@ksb-iran.com

This branch office in Iran is operated by:
1. Mazdak Aliabadi -General Manager
2. Bardia Sharifi -Sales & Project Manager

ifmat - KSB in Iran management

Also KSB from Germany is mentioned in article by sputnik as company that continues to work in Iran despite U.S. sanctions;

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