Shahid Rajaee Specialty Department – subsidiary of Khatam Al-Anbiya

Shahid Rajaee Specialty Department of Khatam-ol-Anbia Construction Complex , with nearly three decades of activity in the fields of industrial, construction and offshore, has completed more than 200 completed projects with a value of approximately 1000 billion rials in the construction sector and more than 2000 Billions of Rials in the industrial sector and more than 30 active industrial and development projects, with the support of specialized equipment and machinery, as well as the use of the efforts of its managers, experts and agents, has been able to achieve the latest national and international standards and in the design, Manage and run national projects.
In order to obtain the optimum knowledge and valuable experiences generated in these projects, the Shahid Rajaee Specialized Group has considered the implementation of KM as vital to its activities. In this direction, Mashavar Company has developed the future due to its various experiences in implementing knowledge management as consultant and facilitator. The plan has been chosen.

Source » moshaveran

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