The Iranian government announced on Tuesday, Tehran’s readiness to equip the Syrian air defenses with Iranian equipment, saying that it held talks in this regard, and it will be considered the first decision after signing the latest agreement between the two countries.

The Syrian Minister of Defense, Ali Abdullah Ayoub, sign an agreement last week with the Iranian Army Chief of Staff, Mohammad Bagheri, for military cooperation between the two countries.

The agreement provided for “strengthening military and security cooperation in the areas of the armed forces’ work and continuing coordination”, and dealt with “the situation in Syria and the necessity of the withdrawal of foreign forces that entered illegally.”

Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad expressed his satisfaction with the results of the meetings of the Syrian and Iranian sides and the signing of the agreement on military and technical cooperation between the two countries, which embodies the level of strategic relations that unite Syria and Iran, and comes as a result of years of joint action and cooperation.

Source » almasdarnews