Writer and journalist Saeedeh Shafiei announced that the Revolutionary Court had sentenced her and Nasim Soltanbeigi, another journalist detained during the crackdown on the “Woman of Lives of Freedom” protests, to prison and social exclusion. Ms. Shafi’i tweeted on July 31 that Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court had sentenced her to three years and seven months in prison on charges of “assembly and collusion” and to eight months on charges of “propaganda against the state,” which in total amounts to a four-and-a-half year prison sentence for each of them. According to Ms. Shafiei, who has two books in her career, “Daughter of Peaches” and “Gorkhon Station” in her career, a two-year ban on leaving the country and a two-year ban on membership in groups have also been included in the vote. He also reported that Mehrnoush Zarei, a journalist and author, had been “acquitted” in the case.

The Hrana website, the organ of human rights activists in Iran, announced on May 6 that Saeedeh Shafi’i, Mehrnoush Zarei and Nasim Sultan Beigi had been summoned to the Evin Prosecutor’s Office for the latest defense.

According to the report, in separate announcements these journalists received, they were asked to be present at the Evin Prosecutor’s Office within five days. ”

Nasim Soltan Beigi, a women’s rights activist and journalist, was arrested on January last year at Khomeini International Airport in Tehran. But on the 17th of February last year, the collateral was temporarily released and released from prison until the end of the proceedings.

Mehrnoush Zarei, who has a history of working in Ilna, Iska, Chelcheragh and Anna news agencies, was also arrested on February 2 by security forces in Tehran and then transferred to the IRGC’s Intelligence Detention Center, Ward 2 of Evin Prison. He was also released on bail in late February last year.

Saeedeh Shafi’i was arrested by security forces in Tehran on February 2 last year and then released on bail of 5 million Tomans and was released from prison on February 5th.

The Tehran Provincial Journalists’ Association announced last year that about 5 journalists were arrested in the country during the national protests from September to January.

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