Despite Iran’s severe economic crises, Tehran is still lavishing Hezbollah with huge amounts of the Iranian people’s money in order to continue its destabilizing activities in Arab countries, as the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) managed to smuggle nearly a $1 million to the Lebanese terrorist militia.

Crime details

The website AvaToday reported that the IRGC, in cooperation with the Iranian Central Bank, exploited the national identity numbers of citizens and registered false passports to allocate travel money for them, which was then transferred through Mahan Air to Syria and Lebanon. A source was quoted as saying, “Judge Hassan Babai, one of the judges responsible for combating economic crimes in Iran, said that more than a billion dollars were smuggled out of the country to Hezbollah and other groups abroad.”

In the same context, the Iranian regime refuses to join the international Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in order to ensure that such similar transfers are not revealed.

Hezbollah operates a network of militias and terrorist cells deployed around the world, carrying out terrorist attacks, laundering money and monitoring opponents.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has announced more than once that his funds and equipment come from Iran, having previously said, “As long as the money is in Iran, Hezbollah is safe and its money is secure.”

Lebanon at mercy of Iran

There are 57 countries, including the United States, that have placed Hezbollah on terrorist lists and prohibited its activity. For example, most Latin American countries consider the party a terrorist organization, while about 70 countries subject Hezbollah’s activities to strict surveillance.

Earlier this year, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, called for all countries around the world to designate the Lebanese Hezbollah militia as a terrorist group. It is likely that Germany’s announcement in April of joining the group of countries that have included Hezbollah on the terrorist lists may prompt the European Union to eliminate the distinction between its banned military wing and its political party.

It is worth noting that Lebanon is suffering from a stifling financial crisis due to Hezbollah’s control of the economy, the depletion of the country’s resources, and the theft of subsidized goods for the benefit of Iran’s allies. Tehran is also suffering from worsening economic crises. In May, Naser Mousavi Largani, member of the Iranian parliament’s economic committee, announced that approximately 55% of Iranian families live below the poverty line, while the Iranian Parliament Research Center indicated in a report that 40% of the Iranian people live below the poverty line.

Recently, a video clip circulated on the internet showing an Iranian child who did not know how to eat bananas due to his extreme poverty and inability to see the fruit.

Source » theportal-center