Hezbollah Secretary Hassan Nasrallah announced yesterday that the “Hezbollah brothers” were currently in Iran to import fuel and medicine from Iran to help the Lebanese people.

Nasrallah talks about the import of fuel and medicine by land or sea from Iran, while patients in Iran are facing a shortage of medicine and the lack of the simplest injectable serums. The coronavirus infects thousands and kills hundreds on a daily basis.

The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to prioritize its militia and proxy groups in the region over the lives and wellbeing of its own citizens, as it has for the past 4 decades.

Hezbollah’s announcement of Iranian medical supplies came as Lebanese protesters marching on the anniversary of the Beirut port blast on Wednesday demanded an end to Iranian influence in Lebanon.

Anti-Iran and anti-Hezbollah slogans could be heard from the crowds on the anniversary of the deadly blast that killed more than 200 people and left thousands more injured.

Meanwhile, security forces fired tear gas at anti-government protesters demonstrating outside the Lebanese parliament building.

Many experts believe that the current critical situation in Lebanon is in fact due to the intervention of the Islamic Republic and Hezbollah in the internal affairs of the country.

Hezbollah has repeatedly stated openly and publicly that Hezbollah’s financial and equipment resources are provided by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On the other hand, the economic situation coupled with the coronavirus pandemic in Iran is at a very critical stage. The majority of Iranians face shortages of medicine, water, electricity, and basic facilities. In many cities, strikes and trade union and labor protests are taking place, and popular protests against water and electricity shortages are being quickly suppressed in the most violent way.

Source » iranbriefing