Iraq is a failed country that has no sovereignty, and inside this failed country, there is Kurdistan Region that wants to stand on its feet, develop, and make a change, the French Intellectual Bernard Henry Levi told Kurdistan 24 on Monday.

“Iraq has no sovereignty and is run by Iran,” said Levi. “However, Kurdistan Region is standing on its own feet and is stronger and developing much better than Iraq.”

Levi expressed sorrow that the international community doesn’t understand this. He pointed out that the international community must see this change between Kurdistan and Iraq and highlight the critical and positive role of the Kurdistan Region.

“Iraq has weak institutions and political parties; Iran is running Iraq; Iran has full control of Iraq, and Iraq has no sovereignty; Baghdad is under control of the Iranian imperialism,” said Levi. “Iraq is unable to develop itself, and Iran makes decisions on behalf of it.”

Levi stated that “Iran has armed groups in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and other places in the region and that the international community should focus on that.”

“The international community should review itself whether it likes the situation as it is now or they are lazy to change it, or they don’t think it is its responsibility to change it or they are afraid that the situation might get worse,” he argued.

Levi emphasized that “the source of instability in Iraq is Iran, pointing out that Iraq’s biggest problem is Iran.” He added, “Iran doesn’t let a government be formed in Iraq.”

“If Iraq collapses, what happens is that the Kurdistan Region will be able to become independent, and If Kurdistan Region becomes independent, it will be a stable place in the region that will benefit the west,” said Levi.

Levi emphasized that “the international community should let the Kurds practice their right and their democracy,” adding “the Kurds should have their own country,” pointing out that “Kurds are the biggest nation in the world that doesn’t have a country.”

“This situation should be fixed by creating a country for the Kurds because they have always lived under the threat of Baghdad and been under the mercy of the rockets of the pro-Iran armed groups,” said Levi. “Baghdad always responds with rockets when the Kurds disagree with it.”

He stated that “the west supports the Kurds, and the Kurdish Peshmerga are known in western countries for sacrificing for freedom and democracy.”

“The west appreciates this role of peshmerga, and many people and institutions, as well as big politicians, appreciate the role of peshmerga and the Kurds,” he said. “The US made a historical mistake when it decided not to support the Kurdistan referendum in 2017, which led to the pro-Iran militias coming to kill Kurds in Kirkuk.”

“US lost its credibility among the Kurds by taking that step.”

Levi said, “during the past thirty years, France has always supported the Kurds, affirming that this position is continuing.”

“France is one of the best friends of the Kurds; It always tried to keep the balance between Kurdistan and Iraq,” Levi said. “The French and the Kurds share the same.”

Source » kurdistan24