Iran’s Defense Minister Mohammadreza Ashtiani says the ministry is willing to enter the automobile manufacturing sector, should the president require it.

Ashtiani’s remarks come after President Ebrahim Raisi underlined the importance of automobiles during the Defense Capability Exhibition. In response, Ashtiani said that if called upon, the ministry is ready to engage in the automotive field.

During a TV program interview, Ashtiani elaborated on the country’s defense advances and outlined the responsibilities of the Ministry of Defense. While primarily charged with equipping and arming the armed forces, he explained that the ministry also performs secondary missions. Ashtiani also praised the Navy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for projecting “authority in encounters with foreign vessels” in the Persian Gulf.

Iran’s military might was further displayed on Tuesday when it unveiled a new drone, the Mohajer-10, with enhanced capabilities and increased flight duration

Official statements from Iranian media revealed that the homemade UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), has an operational range of 2,000 km and can fly for up to 24 hours.

Reports indicate that the drone is equipped to carry missiles, bombs, and hand grenades. It is also outfitted with electronic warfare and reconnaissance systems.

Rising tensions in the region continue to draw global attention. Iran’s attempt to seize two commercial vessels in early July was met with a resolute response from the United States, prompting Iran to withdraw, as confirmed by the Pentagon. Over the past two years, Tehran has reportedly harassed or seized more than 15 commercial ships in the broader Persian Gulf region.

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