Iran’s so-called Mostazafan Foundation (Foundation of the oppressed), which was established from the first day in the name of deprived and oppressed people and was supposed to take the confiscated property of the heads of the monarchy and donate it to the deprived and oppressed people,

has reached a point today that even more than the monarchy dictatorship, this institution is now putting its knee on the neck of the most deprived and oppressed people and intends to destroy the houses of Abolfazl village and capture their lands and use them for its corrupt deals with the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and other state organizations.

Where is Abolfazl village?

Abolfazl village is located between Zardasht town and Kianshahr of Ahvaz, where about 300 families have been living for more than 30 years. Over the past years, all the governments that have come and gone claimed the support of these poor people, but have only increased the deprivation and oppression of these villagers.

In the past year, residents of Hazrat Abolfazl village in Ahvaz have faced rulings from the Mostazafan Foundation, which claims ownership of their homes, and now 300 families fear losing their homes. The Foundation is seeking to demolish about 300 houses in the village of Abolfazl with a ruling on ownership.
Resistance to house demolition

The state-run Asr-e-Junub news website also reported that with the ruling issued by the Foundation, the organization has declared itself the owner of the village and is destroying the houses of its residents. So far, some villagers have been arrested for resisting and protesting.

Mehr News Agency wrote in a report about this village quoting its Imam (prayer leader): “If such a claim is true, why was it not discussed in the past years? Why do they remember this issue after 300 families built houses and made a living in this village for more than 30 years? In the days and while the coronavirus, on the one hand, and the sultry and unbearable heat and unhealthy economic situation, on the other hand, have made the life for the people more difficult.”

Following the grievances of the people

In the village, a father sadly shows the destroyed houses of the village and says” “I did not know that this was the result of being a fighter and fighting for the country for eight years (Iran-Iraq war), or that the Mostazafan Foundation had such an attitude towards the martyrs’ families. This is the fatherland of all of us, and it is not clear what they want from our souls.”

A mother says with frightened eyes: “Our houses are being demolished here. I have five disabled children, one of whom has died. I wish they looked at us with more compassion so that we would not be so tormented by the loss of our shelter.”

A young boy complains about his father’s arrest. He says: “The men here are farmers, drivers, security guards or construction workers. They are not murderers or criminals who have been arrested for not leaving their homes. I hope the authorities will do something for the innocent people of Abolfazl village.”
Agricultural lands where construction took place

Sayyid Yusef Mousavi, the Imam of Imam Ali (AS) Mosque in Abolfazl village, says: “This area was agricultural land before the revolution and later construction was done. The revolution began in 1979, and when the Housing Foundation, the Veterans Foundation, and later the Mostazafan Foundation was established, they seized vacant lands in the suburbs and documented them for themselves.”

He goes on to point out that the people have revived and settled on their agricultural lands: “Although the current lands have been in the hands of farmers and they have rehabilitated them and even have the right of the root, which was approved by experts in the field of document registration and agriculture, but now the Mostazafan Foundation has claimed ownership of these lands.”

He raised the question of what is the guilt of the villagers that receive no services and said: “If the foundation is really the foundation of the oppressed, it is no more oppressed than these people. The foundation must first prove the legality of its documents, in which case, too, residents are given priority for transfer.

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